Homeward Bound Pet Of The Week! Tinsel

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Meet Tinsel, a stray whom nobody claimed while in animal control.  This beautiful, young girl is between 1-2 years old; 35 lbs. and has a ton of energy.  She would surely benefit from a fenced yard and an active family.

Apply online:  www.hbpr.org   We are located between Ellijay and Blue Ridge, GA.

Gilmer Homeward Bound Pet Of The Week: ZuZu

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Meet ZuZu, a 3 year old pug mix, a former stray whom nobody claimed!  If you’re looking for a little dog who loves to sit on your lap and give kisses, this may be your girl.  She is great on a leash; appears to be house trained; enjoys running in a fenced area and playing with toys!

Apply online:  www.hbpr.org   We are located between Ellijay and Blue Ridge, GA.

Snow Chimps at Project Chimps!

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Project Chimps, Ali Crumpacker, Executive Director, Chimpanzees, Sanctuary, Rescue, Donate, Snow

Blue Ridge, Ga. – Who doesn’t love a snow day? Adults and children alike took part in the joy of the first snowfall of the season last week and humans weren’t the only ones enjoying the change of scenery. The chimps at Project Chimps ventured out into the open spaces to appreciate the winter wonderland.

Project Chimps, Ali Crumpacker, Executive Director, Chimpanzees, Sanctuary, Rescue, Donate, Snow

“They think it’s the best treat ever!”

People always ask us how the chimpanzees respond to snow, and the answer is, they love it,” Ali Crumpacker, Executive Director of Project Chimps spoke about the great apes’ new experiences at their Fannin County home.

Crumpacker explained that one of the nicest surprises for those chimps that ventured out of their Peachtree Habitat was how yummy they found the snow to be: “They think it’s the best treat ever!”

“The ones who venture out into it appear to love it,” Crumpacker told FYN as she explained that much like humans not every chimpanzee at the sanctuary is a fan of Winter weather.

While chimpanzees in the wild would not likely experience snowy weather due to their natural environment not being cold enough, Crumpacker explained that these chimps were born in the United States.  

“Several have lived in states like NY or elsewhere where they would have experienced winter weather at some point in their lives,” Crumpacker said adding, “For the past several years, they all lived in Louisiana before moving to Georgia though, so it may have been some time since they saw snow and we don’t know if they ever really got to play in it before!”

Despite their past, one thing remains clear for the snow loving chimpanzees, last week brought them a special treat and Project Chimps provided them with an environment to enjoy and experience Winter’s delight.

If you would like to learn more about Project Chimps and their mission you can visit their website by clicking here : Project Chimps


All photos provided by Project Chimps

Homeward Bound Pet Of The Week: Twix

Fast & Furriest

Meet Twix, a 3 year old mix breed, who is shy at first but then wants to dazzle you with his figure 8 zoomies and plays hide and go seek in our fenced agility pen.  He will chase a ball but is not quite sure what do  with it once he has it. Twix appears to be ok with other dogs; cats are an unknown.  He is going to be a good dog for someone who can give him the love and confidence he needs.

Apply online:  www.hbpr.org   We are located between Ellijay and Blue Ridge, GA.

Pet Of The Week! Tully

Fast & Furriest
Pet of the Week, dog, puppy, Katrina,

This Week we are joined by Tully. Tully is a roughly 6 months old lab mix. Tully Would make a great family dog, and would be especially great with kids. He is extremely gentle and would make a lovely addition to any home. If you’re interested in Tully or an of the other animals at the Humane Society contact them today!



Homeward Bound Pet Of The Week: Butterfinger

Fast & Furriest


Meet Butterfinger, a handsome 33 lb.,  8 month old who was rescued in a cruelty/neglect case with several other starving dogs.  At this time, he is still learning to 

trust people and is improving with more of a waggy tail every day.  His shyness is endearing; no doubt, but we can’t wait until his real personality shines through and can smile!

Apply online:  www.hbpr.org   We are located between Ellijay and Blue Ridge, GA.


Pet Of The Week! Pugsley

Fast & Furriest
Pet of the Week, dog, puppy, Katrina,

Homeward Bound Pet Of The Week! Easy

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Say “Hello!” to Easy, a 1-year-old, 48 lb. boxer mix. Easy was rescued by someone
who witnessed the dog being thrown from a moving vehicle 2 weeks ago. In spite
of that cruelty, Easy is as sweet and loving as you’d want in a dog. He walks great

on a leash, appears to be house trained, and always has a smile on his face.
Apply online: www.hbpr.org We are located between Ellijay and Blue Ridge, GA.

Homeward Bound Pet Of The Week: Stormy!

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Stormy is smiling and learning to trust again!  She has been rescued from the storm and is waiting for someone to say, “That’s my girl!” and provide a forever home.  Stormy is a 50 lb. 7 or 8 year old Sharpei mix.  She is house trained, gentle on a leash and her former foster mom said she is a wonderful snuggler.  

Apply online:  www.hbpr.org   We are located between Ellijay and Blue Ridge, GA.

Pet Of The Week! Agnes

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Pet of the Week, dog, puppy, Katrina,

This week, we are joined by Agnes! Agnes is around four months old and has spent the first four months of her life outside. She is an extremely happy and energetic lab mix. She has the puppy energy and will need some training, but will bring some spice to any home! Once She is comfortable in her forever home, she will begin to calm down! Agnes would be great for a family with an active lifestyle, so if you like to hike and go on adventures, Agnes would make an amazing addition to your home! If you’re interested in meeting Aggie or any of the other fury friends the humane society has to offer contact them today!


Pet Of The Week! Peter Pan

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Pet of the Week, dog, puppy, Katrina,

This week, we are joined by last week’s pet of the week’s brother, Peter Pan! Peter is a Hound mix with an extremely calm and loving personality. When around his siblings he can get rowdy, but when he’s alone he is calm and just wants to curl up for a nap. The Humane Society estimates he will be around 30-50 pounds. If you choose to adopt from the humane society, he will come neutered and microchipped, like all the other dogs in their care. If you are interested in PeterPan or any of the other furry friends you see on the show contact the Humane Society Of Blue Ridge today!


Homeward Bound Pet of the Week: Maizy

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Meet Maizy, a beautiful  45 lb., 1 ½  year old Heeler/Hound mix.  She is an owner surrender due to “not having the time or energy for her.”  A successful placement for Maizy would be with an 

active family with a fenced yard and a commitment to regular exercise.   

Apply online:  www.hbpr.org

Pet Of The Week! TinkerBell

Fast & Furriest

This week’s star of the show is the lovely Tinkerbell! Tink is a roughly 13 week old puppy in need of a loving home. She has two siblings also located at the Humane Society Of Blue Ridge. Rena says she will most likely be a medium to large dog. Tink is currently up for foster to adopt as well as her two siblings. She is extremely sweet and ready to find her forever home. If you’re looking to adopt an animal check out the humane society and all of their furry friends!


Homeward Bound Pet Of The Week: Hendrick

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Meet Hendrick, a 32 lb., 5-year-old Boston mix, who was surrendered to animal
control when his owner passed away. Hendrick is a playful little guy who enjoys a leisurely walk in the woods where he can sniff all things wonderful!

When given the opportunity in a fenced area, he will entertain you with zoomies until he can’t
run any longer and then will let you know it’s time to leave. He gets along well
with other dogs and has only shown curiosity with cats! He did well as our Pet of
the Week at The Cartecay Brewing Company meeting everyone with a smile!
Apply online: www.hbpr.org

Homeward Bound Pet Of The Week: Ohisi and Dandy

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Meet Ohisi, a female terrier mix, about 10 years old, who is bonded with her buddy, 5 year old, Dandy.  They are owner surrenders due to the passing of their owner and the family was not able to care for them.  Both weigh around 17 lbs.

Both dogs are snuggly, love to leash walk together, play together and would provide hours of entertainment and a lifetime of love!  They are located at Homeward Bound Pet Rescue near Blue Ridge, GA.

Apply online:  www.hbpr.org


Gilmer Fire puts students to the heat

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On August 1, 2020, Gilmer Fire had 7 in-training Firefighters participate in a Live Fire Exercise and Evaluation to allow trainees a hands-on experience.

According to Public Information Officer, Al Cash, “The purpose of this training is for the student to observe fire behavior – meaning its growth, spread-patterns, and heat radiation. The students also become more familiar with their turnout gear – protective clothing, backpacks, air regulators, and masks.

Cash went on to note that the more subjective part of the exercise was for the student to understand their approach to safe firefighting. “A fire can attack an individual’s mental and physical weaknesses. One must be constantly alert of their own condition, their surroundings, and that of their fellow firefighters.”

This type of training gave these fine trainees a small taste of a fire scenario and put them closer in touch with their skills, their fears, and their successes.

Cash said the event went off very well with a great job by the students, the instructors, and the safety team.

He said, “Gilmer Fire and Rescue salutes you all.”






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