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About a month or so ago, the North Carolina High School Athletic Association released their 2020-2021 sports schedule. This new schedule moved football to February and limited sports such as basketball to a 14 game season. It also opened up the door for transfers.

This new season put local athletes college futures at risk, as it has a serious impact on recruiting since North Carolina schools will only be playing conference schedules.

Andrews High School has already seen two of its top athletes transfer away to Georgia schools.

Murphy and Hayesville High School have also seen a few of there athletes transfer away to neighboring Georgia schools.

This transfer stuff is a real problem for North Carolina and its not just at the High School level.

The local North Carolina Smokey Mountain Conference Rec Leagues has been cancelled and neighboring Tennessee and Georgia leagues have seen an influx in their participants due to the North Carolina kids moving over to their area to play.

One man’s loss is another man’s gain however, as Towns County High School has been the benefit of a lot of these transfers. I would venture to guess that the Towns County basketball team will be ranked 1st in the state in their division or at lease very close to the top after the transfers they’ve received in the last month.

North Carolina is going to be in trouble if they don’t open back up soon, as they won’t have any athletes left and our local High School sports teams are left in shambles. If I were to guess, this will directly impact the governors race in November, if people were not fed up with this stuff already, they will be when they’re sitting in the stands watching their kids play on lack luster football teams in February because their best teammates already left.

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