Scoring Points: Congrats to State Bound Andrews Shooting Team

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The Andrews Varsity Shooting Team has advanced to the State Championship after winning their district tournament.

Congratulations to Braydon Rowland, Dalton Rose, Dalton West, Carley Clark, Kaden Postell, Mackenzie Stalcup, and Dylan Ledford.

The teams accolades include but are not limited to:
District Champs

Team champs in Shotgun
Team champs in Archery
Team champs in Hunter Skills
2nd place Team in Rifle
Dalton Rose is Overall Champion
Dalton West is Hunter Skills Champion
Dalton West second place in Archery

The Senior Team will advance to the State Championship on April 24th along with the Junior Individual Champs.

Below is the press release from the NCWRC-

RALEIGH, N.C. (April 8, 2021) – The N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission will host the 43rd annual Youth Hunter Education Skills Tournament (YHEST) state championship on April 24. Due to COVID restrictions, the participants will showcase their shooting and outdoor knowledge skills at ranges across the state to comply with safety and gathering guidelines. Each event will be under the observation of Wildlife Commission staff with scores being submitted electronically to declare the senior and junior champions.

“This year had its challenges, but the students rose to the occasion,” stated Carissa Daniels, Outreach Manager with the Wildlife Commission. “Being able to compete in YHEST has given everyone a sense of normality, and the opportunity to practice and promote safe shooting sports and wildlife education. It’s important to our state’s wildlife conservation efforts that we continue to cultivate the next generation of hunters.”

The Commission conducted 85 district competitions in March, which serve as qualifiers for the state competition, with 217 teams participating from 130 public and private schools, homeschool associations and 4-H clubs. This number was down from past years due to the pandemic, but still considered a success.

Competition is conducted on senior (high school) and junior (middle and elementary schools) divisional levels, with overall team and individual awards based on aggregate scores in all events. The first-place champions from each district and individual event will advance to the state competition and compete in rifle, shotgun and archery marksmanship and a hunter responsibility exam.

The state championship represents an opportunity for competitors who advanced from district events to showcase shooting and outdoor skills as well as knowledge learned through the Commission’s Hunter Education Program.

Scoring Points- Consolidation Thoughts

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As everyone in the community knows, the decision has been made to consolidate the 3 High Schools in Cherokee County. That means that Hiwassee Dam, Murphy, and Andrews High Schools will join under one roof, as one School. Many people have many differing opinions on whether this will be a good or bad thing for the kids and the community as a whole, but I stumbled across the best statement I have heard from either side while scrolling through Facebook the other night. Former Andrews High School Athletic Director Dane Rickett took to Facebook to share his thoughts on the matter, and after reading his post I knew it needed to be shared with the masses. Rickett is an upstanding member of the Andrews and Cherokee County community, and has always been known as a teacher/coach that put the kids first and always had their best interest in mind.

Please take a moment to read what he had to say.

Former Andrews High School Athletic Director Dane Rickett:

“Let me start by saying that I am a Wildcat through and through. I went to Andrews schools, I played as many sports as I could participate in while I was there, and I came back to teach, coach, and serve as an Athletic Director. I loved every second of it. Emotionally I will hate to see that school leave. But my emotions will never outweigh my love for our county but more importantly for doing what is right for our students. I know some people are not going like what I have to say, and I totally understand that. All I am asking is that you read this post in its entirety before you comment. And if you do comment, don’t make it personal, explain where the following points are incorrect and I will gladly consider your point of view.

One School vs Two

The whole premise behind consolidation is that the current state formula for funding teachers does not provide enough staff to needed classes. The state requires a base of core classes and credits for graduation. Once the available teachers for Cherokee County are divided three ways we have no teachers left for electives or vocational classes. This is the reason the county currently funds 24 teacher positions. Even divided into two the county still will not have enough staff to offer our students the opportunities they deserve. I know many have said, “my children have been able to take all of the college prep and AP classes they need.” Yes, that is probably true, but if your child is going to college to pursue a degree they are in the 15% of students. If they complete the degree and become employed in that field, they are now in a 5% category. Can we really set up our entire system for 15% of our students? No, of course not. We have to have vocational classes. The only way to provide this is to pool all of our resources into one school. In addition, two schools of 400 would still require two stadiums, two gyms, two cafeterias, and two facilities not much smaller than the one they are planning to build. This still would not solve the problem of the lack of vocational opportunities because we would still not have the staff without additional county support.


I realize that many of you have had questions about the location of the school and assume that much better places exist, and maybe they do. But consider that TCCC is right there as is Erlanger. They already have automotive, cosmetology, culinary science, welding, and many other trade classes established and locations and teachers for those classes. Erlanger can offer opportunities for our nursing and medical students to log clinical hours. Should the school be built in a different location these opportunities will not be available without much-inflated cost. Also, do you know that students currently get on our REGULAR bus routes, who are stopping on their REGULAR routes, and then ride a transfer bus to TCCC campus and are arriving before 8:00 am? So, yes, the time on a bus will increase, but the time the student has to board a bus will not change. Also, buses can easily be set up for WIFI access on the bus. This would provide great opportunities for students to complete work. Sports travel for practice would increase for students at each end of the county. But currently, there is a plan in place for those students to ride a bus back to their home school to be picked up after practices and games.


Many have pointed to school consolidation leading to less opportunity for participation. However, people saying this are only referring to the big three, football, basketball, and baseball. But when you consider this larger school would include many more sports and teams, opportunities actually will be increasing. The existing sports would have guaranteed JV teams providing students with not only more opportunities in their 9th and 10th-grade year, but would also provide developmentally appropriate opportunities. In addition, students could participate on full teams in cross county, golf, women’s soccer, and wrestling. Any sports parent, who really wants their child to excel, knows that the best way for that to happen is to have competition, not just on game day, but every day. In addition, if you want your child to have an opportunity to play at the next level, this only helps. I cannot tell you the number of college recruiters who I would call as a coach and they wouldn’t even hear me out because we were a 1A school in the mountains. Their assumption was always that our stats and accomplishments were due to a lack of competition, not a presence of talent. I know this point could be debated, but this was my experience as a coach and AD at Andrews High.


At a consolidated high school, the students will have opportunities for chorus, bands, jazz bands, theater, dance, mock trials, debate teams, and opportunities to participate in well-organized and meaningful clubs and organizations. Students will also have the opportunity for lifelong sports such as tennis, golf, and fishing, which can be offered on the campus as electives. Currently, we provide no opportunities for students to explore other interests outside of core courses or online college courses. Again, this is not the fault of the current administration at the school or county level. It is because teachers are funded on a per-pupil basis, and we do not have enough to provide the core courses at three schools, much less provide additional courses. At AHS when I was the athletic director we had 22 sports teams and only 19 full-time employees. Without consolidation, we simply cannot offer things to our students.


Our lack of useful labor is a product of our lack of courses and preparation. Soon in Cherokee County business owners will be paying $15 for a minimum wage worker who likely will not be able to read a tape measure. Snap-On installed a lab in Union County because they had space, infrastructure, and personnel to offer it in hopes of creating employable youth in the area. The Casino is desperate for students trained in hospitality management. Nursing programs would thrive with close proximity to Erlanger. Cherokee County schools would be turning out students with ACS certification in mechanics and Safe Serve food certifications. Students with experience in carpentry, framing, and building would be available to those looking to hire. Students would have experience and knowledge in welding. This would all be in addition to taking advantage of offerings at TCCC. How powerful would it be as a business owner to be able to call the school and ask for the availability of qualified students who are looking to enter the workforce? Or to have a restaurant and be able to hire students with Safe Serve certifications right out of high school. Students could build portfolio’s of their work and accomplishments to present to potential employeers. Even for a private farm, a student could come out prepared after taking agricultural production, agronomy, animal science, horticulture, or soil science. Not only would they have this knowledge they could also market their own products more easily by having entrepreneurship classes, website design, and marketing classes.


The current drug problem in our communities is reaching the point of being an epidemic. However, these young people are a result of what we are putting out as a school system. The entire system is geared toward college prep students, which targets 15% of the students in Cherokee county. Students are leaving our schools with no job skills, knowledge of finances, or the ability to fit into a local job and be productive at $15 per hour. So how do we expect them to be more productive and fit into the local economy? They deserve a better chance at life through educational opportunities. We can do nothing, but we will continue to see this trend for our young people and will eventually begin to spend the same money to try and cure a problem we are currently creating.


Rising taxes are never popular. However, they are coming one way or another. No, we don’t have to build this school. We can continue on the path we are currently on and continue to put out students who are not ready for the workforce. We can continue to have manufacturing companies pass over our county for a lack of a viable workforce. We can continue to have businesses struggle because they cannot hire our local young people. Then we can wait a few years and raise taxes to increase law enforcement, try to maintain county infrastructure, and expand our new jail and social services to deal with the problems we have created. I personally would rather invest in an ounce of prevention than a pound of cure.

I totally understand the emotional connections to our current schools.No matter where you stand just consider what I have said. And if you are going to fight, fight to be sure this school offers everything our students need. Let’s fight for turf fields so all teams and the band can use them. Let’s ensure it has gyms and auxiliary gyms. Let’s demand baseball and softball fields we can be proud of. Let’s make sure we do not skip anything or cut any corners. Let’s get together and demand the very best we can give our students. That’s what they deserve.”

Scoring Points- Basketball Players of the Year

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The FYN Sports writing staff was bale to sit down after the basketball season concluded and give out out postseason awards.

This was a crazy basketball season across all states that FYN covers, and we saw an unprecedented amount of teams advance to at lease the Sweet 16 of either the GHSA or NCHSAA state playoffs.

There was more talent in the area than there ever has been some might say, which made giving out these awards that much harder.

We selected Area Players of the Year, which were the best mens and womens players out of all 25+ counties that FYN covers in Georgia, North Carolina and Tennessee; And we also selected state players of the year, the best players in their respective states


Mens Area Player of the Year- Kolby Moss

Moss led the Towns County Mens Basketball team to its first ever State Championship, while also breaking the schools scoring record along the way! Moss picked up an offer from Young Harris College Basketball and we look forward to watching him play just down the road if thats what he decides to do!

Womens Area Player of the Year- Torin Rogers

Rogers led the Murphy Lady Bulldogs to their second straight State Title game as a Junior! She was the main source of offense for the Bulldogs, while also leading the team in rebounding. We look forward to covering Torin in her senior year as she has her team striving for a 3 peat!


Georgia Coach of the Year- Ryan Chastain

Georgia Girls Player of the Year- Becca Ledford

Georgia Boys Player of the Year- Jake McTaggart


North Carolina Coach of the Year- Ray Gutierrez

North Carolina Girls Player of the Year- Desta Trammell

North Carolina Boys Player of the Year- Kolbe Ashe

All Area Boys Team- 

North Carolina Boys Player of the Year- Kolbe Ashe

Kolbe Ashe- Hayesville

Abram Abling- Murphy

Nathan Collins- Robbinsville

Jake McTaggart, Aidan Berrong, Kolby Moss- Towns County

Gus Faulkner, Jones Harris- Lumpkin

Joakim Celestin, Jake Craft- Dawson

Cade Carter- Gilmer

Jadon Yeh- White County

Tucker Lowe, Luke Rogers- Pickens

Kaeden Twiggs – Fannin

Caleb John- Union


All Area Girls Team-

Torin Rogers, Sarah Pullium- Murphy

Desta Trammell- Robbinsville

Isabel Davenport, Mackenzie Caldwell- Lumpkin

Maddie Anglin- Dawson

Dasha Cannon- White County

Vanessa Floyd- Towns County

Ava Hunter- Union County

Becca Ledford, Abby ledford, – Fannin County

Emma Callihan, Elli Callihan- Gilmer

Cassidy Richards, Amanda Nelson- Pickens



Scoring Points: More Fans allowed at games in NC

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North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper announced that the cap on fans at sporting events would be increased.

The new order went into effect last week.

Outdoor sports are allowed to have a maximum of 30% of the venues capacity, so  even though we wont see stadiums filled, we will see an exponential increase in fans.

Indoor venues are also allowed a maximum of 30% capacity, but that is capped at 250 people no matter if 30% of the venue exceeds that number.

2,000 people is my best guess on what local area stadiums can hold. 30% of 2,000 is 600, so you can bounce that number around in your head when considering about how many fans will be allowed inside games.

Murphy High School is now allowing over 800 fans into their stadium.

At least this way all the parents of the kids will get to attend. We are taking steps in the right direction, and we can only hope that things will get back to normal sooner than later.

It has made a big difference at indoor sporting events, as we’ve seen the Murphy Lady Bulldogs play 3 games since the new order, including the NCHSAA State Championship game. Going from 0 fans to 250 fans was a huge jump and definitely took some getting used to. It made for an electric atmosphere for the rest of the state playoffs, something that has been missed this year.

Scoring Points: Pickens HC Grant Myers

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FYN Sports was able to sit down and catch up with new Pickens Dragons Head Coach Grant Myers.

Myers has been on the Pickens staff for the previous 2 years, serving as the Defensive Coordinator and Strength Coach.

We talked to him about what he would bring to the table as a young Head Coach, his background and family and much more.

As the Director of FYN Sports, I have had the opportunity to sit down with a ton of coaches over the years and listen to their philosophy about football and also about life, but no Coach has brought the energy like Grant Myers did. By the time BKP and myself left the Dragons field house, I was ready to go to war for Coach Myers.

Here are the three things that stuck out most to me when speaking with Coach Myers:

  1. He’s a football guy through and through

You can tell by just looking at Coach Myers that he’s a football guy. Just a real dude. The man looks like he eats, breathes, and bleeds football. I’m sure that if you asked his wife Jena, she would sigh and tell you that that’s not too far from the truth! Just jokes, I am actually under the impression that Mrs. Myers isn’t too far behind Coach when it comes to their love of the game.

2. He is passionate

Passion is not something that can be faked. You’re either passionate about something or you’re not, and Coach Myers is passionate about winning football games and turning boys into young men. He said multiple times that he understand the importance of the football program and how it relates to the fabric of the community as a whole. He is proud to wear the Pickens Diamond P on his chest, and wants to pass that on to future generations.

3. He is young and energetic

What some people may look at as a con, I see Coach Myers being a young coach as a very good thing. Being a young guy that his players can relate to will go a long way on the football field and in the classroom. He can have a presence in the hallways and in the community as well as online that an old coach will not be able to. Like it or not, the world is almost completely online now. If Coach Myers takes to social media and has the presence online that I know he can, I think you’ll have kids coming out in groves to play for the man.

Also, FYN Sports wants to congratulate Coach and Mrs. Myers on having baby girl number 2 on the way!

Scoring Points: Congrats to the Middle School Champs

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Team FYN Sports had a very busy week this past week. We covered the North Georgia Mountain League Middle School Boys Basketball Tournament from start to finish. We started with the first round on Tuesday, then finished up on Friday with the Championship games.

We were also live on site streaming the JV and Varsity games between Union County and Rabun County.

Back to the North Georgia Mountain League Championships; We saw our host school Clear Creek Middle School face off against Fannin County Middle School in the 7th grade Championship. The game went into overtime where Clear Creek came away with the W.

In the eighth grade championship, we saw White County VS Clear Creek and Clear Creek was able to win that one pretty handily.

What an accomplishment for one Middle School to win the seventh and eighth grade championships. Clear Creek was a great host, they were great to the FYN sports team and we want to thank them for their hospitality.

Stay tuned to for more live streams of upcoming sporting events!

Scoring Points: Congrats to the MHS Volleyball Team

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Murphy High School’s volleyball team has been on a tear this season. So much so, that they’ve only lost one set the entire season. Not one match, one single set!

The Bulldogs found themselves in their final match of the season against Robbinsville this past week.

They won the first set 25-7, second set 25-12, and the final set 25-20 to sweep the Black Knights and secure their fourth straight SMC Conference title.

That means that Seniors like Grace Nelson, Sarah Pullium and Olivia Cook will graduate without knowing what its like to NOT win a conference title, which is pretty special.

Head Coach Nikol Watson has done an outstanding job with these ladies and has not let coaching in a pandemic detour her from coaching a winning team.

Its once in a blue moon when a senior class like this one comes through a school. Winning the conference championship in your respective sport every year that you are in high school is a heck of an accomplishment.

#TeamFYNsports and the Sunday edition wants to congratulate the Bulldogs on a heck of a season and a heck of a run over the last four years.

One thing I did want to bring up though, is the way that the North Carolina High School Athletic Association is doing the playoffs for sports this year. Your overall winning percentage and wins doesn’t matter, all you have to do is win your conference and you receive and automatic bid into the playoffs. From there they draw your name to see what seed you will receive. Its kind of bull that they do seeding that way if you ask me, but thats just the way things are in this day and age I suppose.

Scoring Points: Coaching Carousel

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Hello everyone!

I know that high school football is technically over here in Georgia, but is it ever really over?

This off-season has just begun and already we are seeing coaching jobs come open left and right.

Gilmer Head Coach Kevin Saunders resigned a few weeks ago and just this past week we saw Pickens Head Coach Jeff Nelson step down. Nelson will remain with the team in some capacity, but the Head Coaching job is open.

If I were a betting man, I’d say that these aren’t the only local jobs that we will see come open.

Nelson did an outstanding job dealing with the pandemic and such a young group of kids that he had over in Pickens.

I am however excited to see what the right person can do with the Gilmer position. Those kids deserve better than finishing in the bottom half of their region every year. There’s enough talent over there to really compete.

I would also expect that some of the local assistants take a look at these jobs opening up in the surrounding area. There are a lot of comootent assistants on the Fannin and Union staff to name a few, and I think those guys will be getting a phone call.

Like I said though, I would bet that there are more jobs that open up this off season in this area. I think the coaching search for these local schools will be really fun to watch and to see what route the administration decided to take these programs.

Scoring Points: NCHSAA Playoffs Shakeup

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After a 2020 season that will present its own challenges and has already been moved to the spring, don’t expect things to get back to our expected norm in the years to come.

The Board of Directors voted for a complete overhaul of the state football playoffs. Beginning next year there will no longer be any subclassifications, meaning that there will no longer be any Big 1a and Little 1a, instead there will only be the 1a classification.

Previously, there have been 8 state champions crowned in North Carolina. Two in each classification. Now the NCHSAA will only be crowning 4 state champions, as the classifications will no longer be cut in half. This mean 128 less teams in the NCHSAA state playoffs.

The board also voted to reduce the number of regular season games from 11 to 10, including an endowment game.

The realignment rough draft has been released already and there are not a lot of changes in the 1a-2a regions. Swain and Murphy are teams that have teetered 1a-2a for a while, but they are both in 1a. East Surry has been 1a for the last few years, but they are now in 2a.

This whole getting rid of the sub classifications thing gives me mixed emotions. I feel bad for schools like Robbinsville, who were on the smaller side of Little 1a and are now going to be playing against schools way bigger than them. I believe that the 1a schools are from 200-600 students, and Robbinsville has around 300.

I would feel bad for schools like Murphy, Andrews and Hiwassee Dam too, if they were not going to be consolidated and moved to 2a in the next few years anyway.

I will say this, now when a school in North Carolina wins the state championship, there will be no doubt that they are the best school n their whole division.

Scoring Points: GHSA Football Playoffs are here

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The 2020 Georgia High School Association Playoffs are here!

That is a statement that I did not think that I would be able to say at the start of this season. We have seen games get cancelled, postponed, moved and rescheduled all year. But alas, we have made it!

Now is when the COVID concerns become really serious, as I will remind you that if a team is forced to miss a game in the playoffs due to COVID protocols, then they will be forced to forfeit and the other team will move on without having to play.

It is a terrible situation, but really the only thing that can be done. We cannot postpone the entire GHSA post season if one team is unable to play. We wish the best to all the teams that made it, and want to especially congratulate those in our coverage area on a great season!

The Fannin County Rebels won the Region 7AA championship and were able to host a home playoff game on Saturday.

The White County Warriors unfortunately fell to Rockmart in their first round playoff game on Friday night, 48-35.

The Union County Panthers traveled to Heard County on Saturday to play in their Region 7aa first round playoff game.

Dawson County was able to go on the road to Adairsville and beat the Tigers 45-31 and advance to the second round.

Number 1 seeded Cherokee Bluff was able to beat LaFayette and get their first ever playoff victory for their program.

#TeamFYNSports encourages everyone to show their support for their local student athletes and we hope you got out their this weekend and were cheering on your hometown team.

We also want to let you basketball fans know that we realize basketball season is right upon us and we will be switching our main coverage over to hoops after the football playoffs are over!

Scoring Points: Farewell to Copper Basin Seniors

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#TeamFYNsports wants to wish the Seniors from Copper Basin High School well as they find their way in life after football.

The Cougars unfortunately fell in the first round round of the Tennessee Secondary School Association State Playoffs to Clay County.

We want to take time to recognize all these seniors on the Copper Basin football team, as we have enjoyed covering them this year.

Congratulations to:

Wide Receiver/Defensive Back- Austin Collins

Wide Receiver/Defensive Back- Tim Jabaley

Wide Receiver/Defensive Back- Dawson Worthy

Quarterback- Bryson Grabowski

Defensive Back- Eli Patterson

Wide Receiver/Defensive Back-Jordan Johnson

Wide Receiver/Defensive Back- Tim Fair

Offensive Line/Linebacker- Larry Dye

Offensive Line/Defensive Line- Joseph Johnson

Offensive Line/Defensive Line- Blake Picklesimer

Center/Defensive Line- Chance Rollins

Offensive Line/Defensive Line- Hunter Perry

We expect to see a lot of these kids playing ball at the next level, including Bryson Grabowski who had his season ended early due to a torn ACL. He is currently 2-3 weeks ahead of schedule in his recovery and we at #TeamFYNsports cannot wait to see him come back better than ever after this injury.

Chance Rollins is another one that we look forward to seeing play on Saturdays in the future. Chance is a big time player on the offensive line and will make an impact on any college team that he plays on.

We also want to congratulate Head Coach Chad Grabowski. He led this team to a historic undefeated start and led the Cougars to be able to host a home playoff game.

Its been awesome to see the community rally around this team and we wish it could have ended better. Its hard to see a team as riddled with injuries as the Cougars were. We like to think it would have been a different outcome if the Cougars were able to stay healthy.


Scoring Points: Old rivalries renewed

Just For Fun

This year, we will be seeing local area teams play head to head for the first time in a long time.

This coming week, we will see Copper Basin host the Fannin County Rebels. The Rebels are riding an undefeated streak after their win Friday night against the Pepperell Dragons. This one was a turning point for the Rebels. Not just in this season, but for the whole program that some thought of as a program that could never win the “big” game. Copper Basin is also riding a pretty historic season thus far, with their only loss coming against McMinn Central tral two weeks ago. They were able to hold off the North Georgia Falcons Friday night in a tough battle.

We will see these two teams clash this coming Friday for the first time since I was born. Over twenty years ago. The atmosphere for this game will be akin to a playoff game. I expect a big turnout and an electric vibe running through the entire stadium as these two teams go battle it out.

Another game that we haven’t seen in a while will be Union hosting Gilmer county later on in the season. I need to do some more research and find out the last time these two have played, but I do know its been a while. The Panthers and Brian Allison are starting to get their season back on track after a stumbling start to the year, but they’re looking pretty good with QB Logan Helcher settling into his own. Gilmer has also turned the corner it seems, as they hung 60 on Lumpkin County last week and are looking toward their first winning season for the first time in a while. Kevin Saunders seems to have the Bobcats moving in the right direction after a few years of rebuilding. This game will also be the game of the week when these two titans of local area football finally clash again. I expect Union County stadium to be filled to the brim with people screaming for their teams.


Scoring Points: Playoffs?

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The Georgia High School Association has announced a few changes for the 2020 state playoffs in different sports.

Monday, Executive Director Robin Hines stated that the coronavirus would impact a number of sports when they enter postseason play when it came to attendance numbers.

The State football championship will be at full capacity in Georgia State’s Football Stadium so it will not be affected.

Basketball will see a huge change, as the state semifinals and finals games are usually played at surrounding colleges, but will not be this year. This year they will be played at high school gyms. The GHSA cited that many colleges simply are not allowing their arenas to open at all.

Hines said that the softball championships which take place in Columbus, will not have stands for fans. Attending fans will be required to bring their own chairs and seating and be required to socially distance.

This is going to be a weird change up for softball and basketball fans. I think that it will be especially weird for basketball fans and the athletes of the sport, as they won’t be able to have the experience of playing in a college arena and using the college facilities. I understand why they are not playing in college arenas, but what I do not understand is why the GHSA did not tell us who would be hosting these games and if they would be at neutral sites or anything like that. I suppose this information will come later.

Yet another changeup from the coronavirus that Georgia High School sports athletes and fans will be expected to take in stride. After all the changes we have experienced already this year though, these seem so minuscule that I doubt anyone will even bat an eye at them. But hey, that what local sports reporters are here for, to moan and groan about everything for you.


Scoring Points: Corona Transfers

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About a month or so ago, the North Carolina High School Athletic Association released their 2020-2021 sports schedule. This new schedule moved football to February and limited sports such as basketball to a 14 game season. It also opened up the door for transfers.

This new season put local athletes college futures at risk, as it has a serious impact on recruiting since North Carolina schools will only be playing conference schedules.

Andrews High School has already seen two of its top athletes transfer away to Georgia schools.

Murphy and Hayesville High School have also seen a few of there athletes transfer away to neighboring Georgia schools.

This transfer stuff is a real problem for North Carolina and its not just at the High School level.

The local North Carolina Smokey Mountain Conference Rec Leagues has been cancelled and neighboring Tennessee and Georgia leagues have seen an influx in their participants due to the North Carolina kids moving over to their area to play.

One man’s loss is another man’s gain however, as Towns County High School has been the benefit of a lot of these transfers. I would venture to guess that the Towns County basketball team will be ranked 1st in the state in their division or at lease very close to the top after the transfers they’ve received in the last month.

North Carolina is going to be in trouble if they don’t open back up soon, as they won’t have any athletes left and our local High School sports teams are left in shambles. If I were to guess, this will directly impact the governors race in November, if people were not fed up with this stuff already, they will be when they’re sitting in the stands watching their kids play on lack luster football teams in February because their best teammates already left.

Scoring Points: Football is all the way back

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Football is all the way back.

We have had several weeks of some Georgia High School Association teams playing, but this week we had a full slate, including Rabun Gap playing against a private North Carolina school in Christ School out of Asheville.

We also FINALLY got to see a full slate of college football games on Saturday, with the SEC being back to play. The BIG10 and the PAC12 are now set to begin their seasons too, so now we have no major power five conference’s sitting out for the season.

This is something that I never thought we would even come close to seeing in 2020, but boy am I glad we are seeing it. We have seen some bumps in the road at the high school and college level. Fannin and Union County have both been effected by COVID and had to cancel games. Appalachian State, my alama mater, was effected this past Saturday and had 13 players and coaches out due to contact tracing.

The Nation Football League is also in full swing now, as they are heading into their third week of games and so far they have not had any officials, players, or coaches and staff test positive.

As Major League Baseball’s season is coming to an end, we can look back at theirs and see that while some teams missed some games and there were some things that they had to deal with, it is possible for full long seasons to be played.

I did not really have a certain point in mind when I started writing this article, and I do not really have a point to make now. I think I just wanted to rejoice and say that football is all the way back. It feels like things are finally crawling back to normal.

Scoring Points: COVID in the playoffs

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Here in our Fetch Your News coverage area, we’ve already seen a few teams have to cancel games due to covid-19 stipulations. Copper Basin had their game cancelled last week and Fannin and Gilmer had to cancel their game also.

A question that everyone asks when you talk about cancelled games is if they will be making that game up. So far, the answer has been no.

When discussing these cancellations with some of my friends, I started to wonder what would happen if a local area team had covid complications during the postseason. After doing some research and thanks to a press release from the Georgia High School Association last week, we finally have the answers.

Once the playoffs begin, canceled games will be season-ending to teams that can’t play, Georgia High School Association executive director Robin Hines said Thursday. Hines said that they would have no choice but to advance the team that could play and passed all their protocols.

“We’d have to press on at that time; that’s when a forfeit would kick in,” Hines said. “The team they’re supposed to play would pick up the win and move on.”

In the regular season when games have been cancelled because of the covid protocols, depending on if it is a region or conference game, it would either go down as a forfeit or a no contest. Most of the time the teams agree upon a no contest if it is out of their region.

It really sucks to think that your favorite high school football team could be days away from playing in their first regional championship game, and have to forfeit because someone around the team or on the team had a positive cocid result or did not pass the covid protocols. That’s just the world we are living in now I guess.

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