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Football is all the way back.

We have had several weeks of some Georgia High School Association teams playing, but this week we had a full slate, including Rabun Gap playing against a private North Carolina school in Christ School out of Asheville.

We also FINALLY got to see a full slate of college football games on Saturday, with the SEC being back to play. The BIG10 and the PAC12 are now set to begin their seasons too, so now we have no major power five conference’s sitting out for the season.

This is something that I never thought we would even come close to seeing in 2020, but boy am I glad we are seeing it. We have seen some bumps in the road at the high school and college level. Fannin and Union County have both been effected by COVID and had to cancel games. Appalachian State, my alama mater, was effected this past Saturday and had 13 players and coaches out due to contact tracing.

The Nation Football League is also in full swing now, as they are heading into their third week of games and so far they have not had any officials, players, or coaches and staff test positive.

As Major League Baseball’s season is coming to an end, we can look back at theirs and see that while some teams missed some games and there were some things that they had to deal with, it is possible for full long seasons to be played.

I did not really have a certain point in mind when I started writing this article, and I do not really have a point to make now. I think I just wanted to rejoice and say that football is all the way back. It feels like things are finally crawling back to normal.

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