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Help us continue to save furry lives while enhancing the lives of our Human Kind at the same time!  Take a look at sweet kitty Opal who just found her new home, close by in Dahlonega!
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Snow Chimps at Project Chimps!

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Project Chimps, Ali Crumpacker, Executive Director, Chimpanzees, Sanctuary, Rescue, Donate, Snow

Blue Ridge, Ga. – Who doesn’t love a snow day? Adults and children alike took part in the joy of the first snowfall of the season last week and humans weren’t the only ones enjoying the change of scenery. The chimps at Project Chimps ventured out into the open spaces to appreciate the winter wonderland.

Project Chimps, Ali Crumpacker, Executive Director, Chimpanzees, Sanctuary, Rescue, Donate, Snow

“They think it’s the best treat ever!”

People always ask us how the chimpanzees respond to snow, and the answer is, they love it,” Ali Crumpacker, Executive Director of Project Chimps spoke about the great apes’ new experiences at their Fannin County home.

Crumpacker explained that one of the nicest surprises for those chimps that ventured out of their Peachtree Habitat was how yummy they found the snow to be: “They think it’s the best treat ever!”

“The ones who venture out into it appear to love it,” Crumpacker told FYN as she explained that much like humans not every chimpanzee at the sanctuary is a fan of Winter weather.

While chimpanzees in the wild would not likely experience snowy weather due to their natural environment not being cold enough, Crumpacker explained that these chimps were born in the United States.  

“Several have lived in states like NY or elsewhere where they would have experienced winter weather at some point in their lives,” Crumpacker said adding, “For the past several years, they all lived in Louisiana before moving to Georgia though, so it may have been some time since they saw snow and we don’t know if they ever really got to play in it before!”

Despite their past, one thing remains clear for the snow loving chimpanzees, last week brought them a special treat and Project Chimps provided them with an environment to enjoy and experience Winter’s delight.

If you would like to learn more about Project Chimps and their mission you can visit their website by clicking here : Project Chimps


All photos provided by Project Chimps

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