Ask Alex : High School Rumors

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Hey Alex!

I broke up with my boyfriend and he is starting nasty rumors about me. I don’t know who all has heard the rumors but I feel like people are treating me different and talking about me. It’s so bad that I don’t even want to go to school! I keep begging my mom to just let me stay home, but she is making me go anyway. How can I make her understand how bad it is?





Hey Scared!

I can tell you with a lot of confidence that what you are facing has been faced by almost every single person in the world. Whether it is embarrassment from untrue rumors or humiliation from a mistake. So know that you are not alone and take this knowledge with you when you hear something about someone else. Remember your feelings in this moment and try in the future to not be a part of making someone else feel this way.

I wish there was a way to let you know how insignificant this moment in your life will end up being. It will pass and the less importance you place on it, the quicker it will go. All gossip becomes old gossip when something new occurs and something new will always occur.

Your mom is right in having you just face it head on. The more you show that these rumors don’t hold any power over you, the less power these rumors have and the less likely people are to believe them.

Keep in mind those that know you, know the truth and who you are, and those that choose to believe what they hear, don’t matter.




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Scoring Points: Football for NC and GA pushed back

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The Georgia High School Association held a private meeting earlier today to discuss the upcoming fall football season start dates and schedules. The meeting was not broadcast publicly, but according to sources the competition date for football will be pushed back for two weeks, but the football conditioning and all other sports starting dates are unchanged.

The first football games will be held on labor day weekend, with scrimmages on August 21 and 28.

There will be a full regular season and a full playoff schedule as of right now.

Practice will begin next Monday, with pads starting August 1.

North Carolina has some of the same things, pushing back their start date 2 weeks to September 1, to allow players and coaches a chance to get a grip on things.

Personally, I think that this postponement of the season is probably going to end up being a good thing. With pro sports starting back up and everything, it will give the high schools something they can look at and model after, as long as those professional sports end up going over well.

I think that the postponement was inevitable, and I am just glad that they are planning on playing at this point in time. A year without sports would be detrimental to the community in-itself, much less the athletes that would be missing out on playing.

Luckily, all signs are pointing toward the fact that both Georgia and North Carolina will have some sort of fall sports season. If you would’ve asked me a month ago if I thought that we would be in a position to play at all I would have told you heck no, But, at this point, I’m at about an 80% certainty that will we see games played in the coming months.

Stay tuned to the FYN Sports page to find out the latest updates on the GHSA, NCHSAA, and TSSAA upcoming fall seasons.



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Scoring Points: Athletics in NCHSAA hands: Good or bad?

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North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper held a press conference earlier today, where he announced that school systems will be operating on Plan B which is a split, virtual and in-person, system this fall. School districts are also allowed to operate under plan C, which is strictly virtual online learning. Regarding sports, he announced that he is leaving the decision about whether or not to have upcoming athletics seasons to the North Carolina High School Athletic Association (NCHSAA).

Cooper stated, “The NCHSAA will be making the decisions about high school sports and what they’re going to engage in.” He went on to say, “I love fall sports and enjoyed playing them in high school. I know a lot of our student-athletes want to get back into playing sports. The NCHSAA will be consulting with public health experts, including our staff here at the Department of Health and Human Services. It’s my understanding that they will be making specific decisions a little bit later on in the process.”

I’ve been thinking about this decision since I listened to Governor Cooper’s press conference on Tuesday morning, trying to weigh the good and the bad.

In my honest opinion, I think that since Cooper left it up to the NCHSAA to decide, they, in turn, will leave it up to school districts to decide whether they want to play or not. I think that the NCHSAA will give the go-ahead initially, but a lot of things will have to fall into place for sports to be played at their full potential. All in all, I do not think that it was necessarily a bad thing for this decision to be left up to Que Tucker and the NCHSAA board, but it does now present them with even more unanswered questions since the school systems will be operating at basically a fifty percent capacity.

It feels like, with every press conference and news release we get, more questions are left at the end than there were before. Hopefully, when the NCHSAA meets in two weeks we can get a plan of attack and know what to expect going forward.



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Scoring Points: COVID causes more high school sports setbacks

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If you have been keeping up with the regular “Scoring Points” Sunday Edition articles, you have probably seen where I have talked about how Iowa has resumed their summer baseball and softball seasons recently. As I am sure most had thought, they have seen some recent sports setbacks in their return. More than a handful of teams have already had to self quarantine after players had tested positive for COVID-19 during the first few weeks of the season.

Being that Iowa was the first state in the country to allow high school sports to resume and start playing games again, there is a lot riding on their seasons and how things work out. They are a metaphorical “lab rat” if you will, for the rest of the country to see if it is possible for even low contact sports such as baseball and softball to return.

Iowa has taken their sports setbacks in stride in my opinion, implementing a quarantine period for all players and coaches who were participants in the game where it was later discovered a student tested positive. Opponents on both the teams schedules were notified and can either choose to play the remaining games against the team or withdraw from those games. Giving the other schools this option allows them to make their own decision and keeps it from becoming a state-wide decision. After the quarantine period, the players and coaches from both infected teams will be monitored for symptoms and assuming all things come back in the clear, they will be able to resume play.

I cannot say that i’m surprised to see that Iowa has seen some positive cases from players in the league as that is something that they cannot control. However, I am surprised at the way that they are handling things over there. They are putting the safety of the kids first in monitoring all of them closely, yet they have yet to shut everything down just because of a few asymptomatic positive tests. I think that this is actually a good thing for a surrounding area official to study and see that though it may not be easy to return, it sure is possible.


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NC sports return on the horizon

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Ask and you shall receive! The North Carolina High School Athletic Association sent out an email on Tuesday to over 400 member schools that declared its ban on sports related activities would end on June 1st. What a breath of fresh air to have a statement come out with actual substance.

The one thing that will hold schools back from resuming activities such as weightlifting and off-season workouts will be Governor Coopers mandated stay at home order. The commissioner of the NC high school athletic association Que Tucker said that if the stay at home order is not lifted by the June 1st date theyve set to resume activities, then they will have to also push that date back to coincide with the stay at home order until it is also lifted.

As of May 8th, Gov. Roy Cooper has allowed North Carolina to move into Phase 1 of a reopening plan which allows 50% capacity in retail stores and for child-care centers to open. It also calls for a 10-person limit on gatherings.

Later this month phase two is set to go into motion, which would likely increase the number of people allowed at gatherings and potentially open the door for student-athletes to return to campus.

I know we’re all watching the news and seeing that pro sports are likely to return without any fans and one would think that something like that would also be set into motion in the high school realm of sports, be it giving tickets to student athletes to give to their families and only allowing a certain number of people inside the gate, but that’s a different bowl of soup. I believe that we should cross that bridge when we get there, and in this moment be happy that there are even TALKS of a return to sports activities as soon as June 1st!

2020 High School Bassmaster

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For the second time in the school’s history we have a member on the all state team! Congratulations Owen Moss! It’s a well-deserved honor. I’m proud of all of our guys and girls! I hate that we were cut short this season, but we’re going to be ready when this thing goes live with GHSA in 2021!!!!

Technology Student Association, Engineering TEAMs competition results are in!

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The final results are in for the Technology Student Association, Engineering TEAMs competition!  Congratulations to the 9th/10th grade and 11th/12th grade teams for placing

(L to R) – 11th/12th grade team: Morgan Blaine (current GT student), Lexi McGill, Ramtin Doroodchi (current GT student), Henry Leben, Anna Holloway, Isaiah Cargle, Cooper Boyle, McCay Turner, Will Shirah (current GT student), and Matthew Shirah.

5th overall in the State of Georgia.  In their division (public schools under 1,000 students) the 9th/10th grade team placed 1st overall, and the 11th/12th grade team placed 2nd overall in the State!


Both teams were first in their division in the multiple-choice test over chemistry, math, physics, and engineering.

Lexi McGill wrote the essay for the 11th/12th grade team and placed 3rd overall in the State and 1st in the division!  Tanner Hamby wrote the essay for the 9th/10th grade team and placed 4th overall in the State and 1st in the division!

The National TSA Conference has been canceled for this summer, but both TEAMs qualified to compete at the national TEAMs competition.


Congratulations to these bright young students!

(L to R) – 9th/10th grade team:  Drake Usry, Bryce Ware, James Kyle, Sam Jabaley, McKenzie Chastain, Luke Pelfrey, Madison Ponton, and Tanner Hamby


Thank you to Morgan Blaine, Charitty Tuttle, Ramtin Doroodchi, Ethan Taylor, and Will Shirah who are current Georgia Tech students from Fannin County for coming out to support the students.





Scoring Points: Recruiting amid the shutdown

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With all NCAA sports being shut down for the rest of the school year and with all high school sports in North Georgia and the surrounding area being axed for the foreseeable future, what does that mean for college recruiting?

The two biggest issues for recruiting as of now are how the NCAA, NAIA and NJCAA handle the extra year of eligibility that the current spring semester college athletes will be given. The NCAA has announced that they will be giving this year of eligibility back to those athletes if they want it, but what has not been announced and what I don’t think anyone in the aforementioned establishments even knows, is how the scholarships are going to work. Extending scholarships to these athletes coming back could really cut into the scholarship dollars that current high school seniors and juniors might be expecting. I would think that the only logical thing that the NCAA could do is to say “if there are 4 seniors on your team we’ll give you 4 extra scholarships to offer,” and just give and exception to being over the scholarship limit for the upcoming year.

This scholarship exception would answer the first problem at hand, but perhaps an even bigger problem is how can spring high school athletes gain exposure when there are no games to produce anything that colleges can scout?

In high school, I think most would agree that junior year is the year that most young athletes flourish and pop up on college recruits radars. In the area that we live in and enjoy, I know first hand that most athletes have wanting to compete in a conference or state championship at the forefront of their mind over college recruiting, but with the spring semester of sports being taken away and with no chance at being able to do either of those, most are switching their focus to how this is going to impact them long term.

Speaking to some scouts from local schools and colleges the answer that most had for fringe highschool athletes without any offers or much exposure to recruits, was to put together an email that explains why you think you’d be a good fit at the school you’re interested in. Tell them in detail what you bring to the table athletically and academically, along with your transcripts and any tape that you might have that could set you apart from the rest of the other 8 million high school athletes in the US.

In this day and age with social media and the internet at everyone’s fingertips, good players always surface. If you have a high school athlete at home or you’re a kid reading this worried about what your future holds, maybe the best thing you can do is take a breath. Go get up some shots in your driveway and put in some work at home. We’re in a situation that nobody has ever been in before. It’s more of the unknown that worries a lot of people, so control the things that you can and stay in shape and get to emailing those coaches.

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