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This week, FYNTV says hello to Bear! A brand new Pet of the Week, Bear is between seven and eight weeks old, but much of his history and details are not so certain.

Bear may have honey in his heart, but his tale isn’t so sweet. Rena tells us that they are having to guess a lot with the dog as he was picked up from another county after being found in a garbage can. Despite the sad beginnings, Rena says that this is exactly why they are around. People should always find a humane society or animal shelter of some kind, never dump a pet like this.

Now, Bear lives at the Humane Society of Blue Ridge where he has found better conditions. Bear likes to sit in the cool of the shade, constantly avoiding the sun. He is still skittish against loud noises and needs a little more attention for training as most puppies do.

However, Bear likes cats!

We also have finally gotten BKP to get a cat. A long time Dog-enthusiast, even he is branching out to provide a better home for animals in the area.

You can schedule a time to meet with Bear this week. So, start the process online at the Humane Society of Blue Ridge or call them at 706-632-4357 to set up a time to meet with him, or schedule a meet and greet for your pets to see how they get along.

Sponsored by Blue Ridge Humane Society, you can follow more on Pet of the Week through the dedicated playlist on FYNTV and check out a wider variety of shows there as well.



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