• Ellijay’s Fourth of July celebration

    ELLIJAY, Ga. – Events going on all weekend have set Ellijay, Georgia, as a prime North Georgia location for the 4th of July holiday as local wineries, organizations, churches, and the city itself have prepped for Sunday night and Monday to celebrate America’s Independence Day. The main draw is the city celebrations lasting all evening […]

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  • Chamber cancels Taste of Ellijay

    The Gilmer Chamber has confirmed cancellation of the May “Taste of Ellijay” event this week after an email was sent out with information on the decision. According to the Chamber, “This was not a quick or easy decision to make. Taste of Ellijay is a favorite event for locals, visitors, and restaurants alike.” Statewide staffing […]

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  • City Council returns to open events in city with approvals


    JASPER, Ga. – Plans are now in motion in the city council to return to Fourth of July celebrations in Jasper this year. While last year the city didn’t hold fireworks and had other issues due to COVID restrictions, the council is looking to return this year with a two day event on Saturday, July […]

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  • BOE names Kim Cagle as Interim Superintendent

    delay, Cagle

    EAST ELLIJAY, Ga. – As the Board begins its search for a new Superintendent, they officially named Kim Cagle as the county’s Interim Superintendent. Cagle is currently Assistant Superintendent for Student Services in Gilmer Schools. She will step into the role of Interim Superintendent on May 28, 2021, the final day for current Superintendent Dr. […]

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  • Gilmer BOE takes first steps in new Superintendent Search


    EAST ELLIJAY, Ga. – With official approval having come on April 15, 2021, in their monthly meeting, the Gilmer County Board of Education has begun its search for the next Superintendent with King-Cooper and Associates search firm. With a press release, Gilmer Schools made a statement about the search saying that they would accept applications […]

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  • Million dollar donation has county looking at Animal Shelter


    ELLIJAY, Ga. – An announcement today from Gilmer Chairman Charlie Paris informed the public of an additional large donation to the Gilmer County Animal Shelter. The announcement came amid a special called meeting, but it is the first mention of the donation in public as Commission Chairman Charlie Paris said it happened yesterday, February 23, […]

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  • Paige Hutto speaks on resignation from Chamber

    Inevitable. The decision to move home was coming sooner or later for Paige Green Hutto. The recently married President/CEO of Gilmer Chamber said she knew when she got married that she eventually wanted to move home to Alabama with her husband and family. “Family” is more than just the husband and kids. It is parents, […]

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  • Sheriff’s Office awards several commendations

    MARYVILLE, TENNESSEE – Blount County Sheriff James Lee Berrong is proud to announce the Sheriff’s Office awarded three commendations to two deserving law enforcement officers and one heroic former law enforcement officer. The three commendations were awarded during a short ceremony at the Blount County Justice Center this morning. Deputy Chief Jeff French awarded a […]

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  • Ask the Doc! The battle of information and experts

    ask the doc, virus, information

    Going around the nation in photos and articles, BKP highlights the first day back to school with some of the issues and struggles that people are seeing. From packed hallways to sports cancellations, these are merely the effects of virus’ continuation. The first step to returning to school is staying up to date on information. […]

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  • Gilmer will cancel the 2020 Apple Festival


    EAST ELLIJAY, Ga. – An email has gone out today with an official statement from the Georgia Apple Festival Board of Directors cancelling the October event for this year, 2020. Confirming that they will allow vendor fees to rollover to next year’s event or offer refunds upon request, the Festival will be skipped in light […]

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  • Perennial Pals: Gardening and Crops in a Fall Garden

    (Article and photo by Jacob Williams in conjunction with Towns-Union Master Gardener Association and the UGA Extension Office) Do you usually have a fall garden? Now is the time to start thinking about one. There are some benefits to having a fall garden that we’ll get in to. Let’s talk about what vegetable crops and cover crops […]

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  • Gilmer Fire puts students to the heat

    On August 1, 2020, Gilmer Fire had 7 in-training Firefighters participate in a Live Fire Exercise and Evaluation to allow trainees a hands-on experience. According to Public Information Officer, Al Cash, “The purpose of this training is for the student to observe fire behavior – meaning its growth, spread-patterns, and heat radiation. The students also […]

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  • Ask The Doc! Killing The Fake News


    How do you do what you want amid the virus? Dr. William Whaley talks everything from sports to travel for citizens and maintaining your responsibility. First up is the masks. Dr. Whaley speaks to the efficacy of mask usage. He talks about using goggles and the suggestions of who should wear them. Face shields, masks, […]

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  • Perennial Pals: Roadside Beauties

    (Article and photo by Jacob Williams in conjunction with Towns-Union Master Gardener Association and the UGA Extension Office) In the mountains, you don’t have to look very far to see the beauty of the land. Whether it’s fog rolling off the mountains or the sun shining off the water, the beauty is apparent. However, you really don’t […]

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  • North Georgia Senior Living: Losing Quality Of Life

    ready, quality

    With a rainy forecast, Jessi and BKP talk about the river and the quality of the outdoor activities they could attend since the rain stopped before the morning. And Jessi recalls an inspirational moment she noticed as a Senior Concierge. However, the real issue of the day arises as the two ask one of the […]

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  • Up close and personal with Gilmer Fire and Rescue – Ron Cheslock


    Continuing our series of posts, “up close and personal” with the finest men and women in the Fire Service – the personnel of Gilmer County Fire and Rescue. Today we’re proud to visit with a member of our Community Paramedicine Team, Firefighter/EMT Ron Cheslock… “My EMS career started shortly after high school, in Morrisville, Pennsylvania […]

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