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Hey Alex!

I feel like I want to crawl in a hole and just die. I am very married to a man named Brad and very employed by a man named Bradley, at least that is how my boss’s name is saved in my phone. Recently my husband was out of town for a few days and I accidentally sent an embarrassingly private text message to my boss. The text was meant for my husband! I didn’t realize I had done this until the next day at work! My boss hasn’t said anything to me but I can’t even make eye contact with him now. I’m so embarrassed! How should I approach this situation? 




Hey Embarrassed!

There are really two lessons to be learned here, but we will start with the first, which is how to approach the situation so that you can be comfortable at work again.

As with any situation where there is simply a misunderstanding or a simple mistake that has been made, approach it head on. Ask your boss if you could speak to him for a couple of minutes and explain in private that you are very sorry to have sent the message to him and that it was meant for your husband, who was out of town.

Your boss hasn’t approached you yet because much like you, he probably just wants the situation to disappear, but for the sake of both of you and your continued working relationship, it is going to be better in the long run to just openly discuss and clear the air. 

The next lesson to be learned here, is always be mindful of what you text! Yes, that message was meant for your husband but look at where it ended up and to be frank, you can never guarantee that who you are texting is always going to be in good graces with you.

Once it is sent out in the land of digital, it has the potential to be there forever. Make sure that anything you send is something that you wouldn’t mind having resurface later in your life.




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