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Hey Alex! 

I’ve recently gotten really into reading horoscopes and about the different zodiac signs. I think it has been helpful in how to navigate my relationships and so much of it seems to be spot on. My question is do you think all the advice surrounding zodiac signs is true and how much would you let it dictate your interactions?





Hey Leo!

I think there is some truth to personality traits of people born under certain signs, but I would exercise caution when using this as a tool to make life decisions. 

While there does seem to be common factors of people born during certain times of the year, you have to remember that individual life experiences will play a role in a person’s development. So while an Aries might be known for their impulsive fiery deposition, events might have taken place in their lives that would cause them to be more reserved. In other words you cannot just blatantly judge a book by its zodiac cover.

Another topic of consideration when “researching” a person’s zodiac behavior is that the internet is not the most reliable source for factual information. Check your sources before putting any stock into what is being said. Make sure that a Karen with healing crystals isn’t the guru behind the screen.

I would use the information you gather to try to better understand individuals and the relationships you have with them, but I definitely would not let this factor alone dictate your interactions or life decisions.





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