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Hey Alex!

I started dating a guy a couple of months ago and things are going really well, but there was always something that seemed off. I finally figured it out. He wears the same deodorant as my brother! Now, every time I am with him that’s all I notice! Every time I smell him, I think of my brother! Needless to say, it is killing the romance. I don’t want to weird him out by saying anything. Should I tell him he needs to switch deodorant?


So Awkward



Hey So Awkward!

You should absolutely tell him, especially if you can’t get past it! Yes, admittedly it is a little weird of a subject to approach but if you are wanting to see where the relationship goes, it sounds like it will have to be approached. 

Studies have shown time and time again that smell is our sense that is most closely linked to memories. It has even been shown that smells can conjure up suppressed memories such as a childhood trauma. So, with the sense of smell being so strongly linked to memory and for that matter, emotion, of course it would be hard to get past dating someone who smells like a sibling.

I’ve found the best way to approach awkward conversations is through humor. Let your guy know up front that you’re about to talk some awkward truth to him and let him know this with a smile on your face. I would bet that not only will he switch that deodorant, but that the two of you will also have a great inside joke to share for a long while.





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