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Hey Alex!

I know for a fact that a member of the school board where my children attend school is positive for Covid-19 but he refuses to get tested or seek medical treatment. His wife tested positive last week and now he’s running a fever and can’t get out of bed. How can I be comfortable sending my children back to school if adult members of the school board are so childish that they won’t take responsible actions to keep others safe?


Concerned Parent


Hey Concerned Parent!

I totally understand your concern for your child’s health. Our children are our most precious asset in life. With that being said, I think you might be being quick to get upset because your child in a roundabout way is involved.

From what you have described it doesn’t sound like the school board member is not taking responsible actions. If his wife tested positive and now he is sick, it is probably safe to assume that he contracted Covid-19 as well. Being tested would only confirm the assumption, and if he is treating it as though he has it and has let people know that he was in contact with Covid-19, then there is no reason to get tested.

The vast majority of Covid-19 cases to date have resolved themselves on their own without any kind of medical treatment. The fact that he hasn’t sought medical treatment isn’t an irresponsible action.

Now, if he is still out and about coming in contact with people or denying that his wife had tested positive, then that is a whole different ball game and parents should voice their concerns over his actions to other members of the school board and the superintendent.

The truth is, the Covid-19 pandemic is an ever evolving situation, one that most of us have not faced before. Information is constantly changing and most officials are just trying to make the best decision with the most current data they have. You are the parent of your child and you will have natural instincts that no official can replace. Ultimately, you need to listen to your gut instinct and make the decisions that are best for your family.





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