Greg’s 40th Birthday Party is Next Month!

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Forty & Free

Last month you helped us pick the slogan “Forty & Free” to be included on a limited edition shirt featuring Greg! Greg arrived at Project Chimps in November of last year after decades in research. Now, in just two months – on September 21, 2020 – he’ll be turning 40 years old!!!

What a joy to be celebrating this milestone birthday in a sanctuary with the oldest chimp residing at Project Chimps! While chimps can live into their 60s, the median life expectancy of a chimpanzee in captivity is just 32.5 years for males and 40.1 years for females. This makes Greg’s 40thextra special! That is why we will be throwing him a luau-themed party with plenty of his favorite tropical fruits. All 78 of the chimps will be invited to participate in the celebration too!

The careteam has selected the party supplies to make this celebration extra special along with gifts that Greg will enjoy (and to share with his friends too). You can help us by sending an item from this unique wishlist.

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