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The Georgia High School Association kicked off their football season this past week, with teams around the area playing face to face on Friday night.

There were some health precautions and restrictions put in place to ensure a safe outing such as these listed below from Union County High School:

  • There will be designated seating areas for students and the band. This will be approximately half of the stadium which will reduce spectator seating capacity.
  • Social distancing and mask wearing is encouraged. Signs will be posted and announcements will be made periodically throughout the contest to encourage safe health practices.
  • We are working to keep both of our communities safe from the threat of COVID-19. Spectators are encouraged to self screen before arrival to the event. If you have a fever over 100.0 or have any symptoms we ask that you please stay home.

Some schools also had limits on total capacity and ticket sales while others did not.

My point is that all of this went on without a hitch. There were no problems that came to light from the Fannin vs Union game that I attended, although it was weird to see all the plexiglass around the ticket booths and such. Even from looking on twitter and seeing what my other colleagues and friends have had to say, it seems like people every where were simply compliant with the rules set forth by the teams and really wanted to help in any way that they could.

I saw masks being worn by different people and I saw people social distancing without masks. All in all I think they this proves that as adults we can start getting back to normal, as long as we have the same kind of respect for each other as southerners do for high school football.

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