Scoring Points: Will Youth Sports Make it Through Corona Shutdown?

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Youth sports are beginning to ramp back up all across the country. In Texas and Florida, all youth sports have resumed their regular programming. In Iowa, baseball and softball have resumed all the way up to the high school level. Even youth football leagues in Indiana have returned for on the field practices.

Seeing these other states getting back to normal is a great sight, but nowhere near what we are used to seeing around the US at this time of year. The Smoky Mountain Youth Football League in the Murphy area has already cancelled their upcoming season. With youth sports participation dropping already, one can only think that it will plummet in the following years after kids are forced to sit out this year. I understand that the cancellation was for the safety of the kids but it is hard for me to believe that there was not a way around completely cancelling the entire season. I know that most of the parents around the community will take initiative and find ways to keep their children active and involved, but I feel for the kids who do not have any structure in their lives until it comes to organized sports. My hope is that the upcoming youth league baseball, softball, and soccer seasons will not be cancelled so at least those kids will get to play.

I know it may not seem like a big deal at this exact point in time, for these kids to miss just one season, but the financial fallout will impact the leagues that cancel for years to come. I also think that this could lead to kids moving around and playing in different leagues and perhaps never returning, ultimately hurting not only the youth league as a whole but the JV and Varsity teams that they would have eventually played on.

I guess what I am saying is, just let the kids play.


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