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Hey Alex!

I broke up with my boyfriend and he is starting nasty rumors about me. I don’t know who all has heard the rumors but I feel like people are treating me different and talking about me. It’s so bad that I don’t even want to go to school! I keep begging my mom to just let me stay home, but she is making me go anyway. How can I make her understand how bad it is?





Hey Scared!

I can tell you with a lot of confidence that what you are facing has been faced by almost every single person in the world. Whether it is embarrassment from untrue rumors or humiliation from a mistake. So know that you are not alone and take this knowledge with you when you hear something about someone else. Remember your feelings in this moment and try in the future to not be a part of making someone else feel this way.

I wish there was a way to let you know how insignificant this moment in your life will end up being. It will pass and the less importance you place on it, the quicker it will go. All gossip becomes old gossip when something new occurs and something new will always occur.

Your mom is right in having you just face it head on. The more you show that these rumors don’t hold any power over you, the less power these rumors have and the less likely people are to believe them.

Keep in mind those that know you, know the truth and who you are, and those that choose to believe what they hear, don’t matter.




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