Scoring Points: Minor League Baseball Cancelled

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As many of you may have already seen or heard, the upcoming Minor League Baseball season has been canceled. This decision is detrimental to the livelihood of the thousands of players that are in the MiLB system. With the Pro Baseball Agreement between Major and Minor League Baseball set to expire this year, MLB has already targeted some teams to place on the chopping block, in order to follow the NBA’s lead and make the developmental process easier and more concrete.

Hopefully for our community and the surrounding areas sake, no local area teams such as the Asheville Tourists or the Chattanooga Lookouts will be cut in the coming year. Not only are the rostered players effected, but the people who depend on the seasonal jobs that these clubs provide for them are monumentally impacted. Also, one thing that I can not seem to get off of my mind are the way that younger players in high school are going to be impacted. Without the Minor League Baseball system around, they may opt for heading to a college strictly for academics sake, putting their dreams of playing collegiate baseball and advancing to the next level on the back burner.

I also am saddened to think about the impact that this is going to have on the return of our local high school sports in the area. Cancelling a whole season of profitable baseball does not bode well for the way that the people in power’s minds are operating. I realize that the MiLB is a huge system with a ton of players and staffers and that high school sports are minuscule in comparison, I just hope that this does not set a precedent for things to come.

With the way that things are going in the GHSA and NCHSAA, I do not think that we have too much to worry about, but it is something to think about!


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Loudon Patrol Sergeant promoted to rank of Criminal Investigations Detective

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LENOIR CITY, Tn. – Sheriff Tim Guider and Chief Deputy Jimmy Davis announced the promotion of a LCSO Patrol Sergeant to the rank of Detective Sergeant earlier today.

Sergeant Jerramie Bowen, who started as a part-time Deputy Sheriff in 1999, is a 21 year veteran of the Loudon County Sheriff’s Office. Bowen was hired as a full-time Corrections Deputy in 2003 and went on to graduate the Tennessee Law Enforcement Training Academy in 2005 when he was moved to the Patrol Division. In 2011, Bowen was promoted to the rank of Patrol Sergeant where he has since overseen the day-to-day operations of the agencies Midnight Shift Squad.

After a formal interview process, which included an external interview panel made up of Investigators from the Knoxville Police Department, the Knox County Sheriff’s Office and the Blount County Sheriff’s Office, Bowen was selected to fill a vacancy left in LCSO’s Criminal Investigations Division after the retirement of Detective Sergeant Patrick Upton.

Sergeant Bowen resides in Lenoir City, and along with his wife of 25 years, Julie, they have two children, Zane and Caleb.

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