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Hey Alex!

I noticed you got something from Amazon today. That’s a lot of wood you bought. Are you about to start a project? I see you had company in for the weekend. What kind of plants are you planning on using in the flower bed? 

I know she means well, but it’s too much! How do I let my nosy neighbor know that I don’t need her constant input? I don’t want to hurt her feelings.

Over It


Hey Over It!

We’ve all been there at some point. Maybe not with a neighbor but with someone in our life who needs to know everything and offer their two cents.

You can always fortify your home to keep nosy neighbors out, but before going to that expense try the direct neighborly approach of talking.

I would recommend the self humbling approach at first. Try something along the lines of “Listen Karen, I’ve been a pretty private person all my life and to be honest I get a little uncomfortable sharing a lot with my friends or neighbors. I hope you understand”.

Follow this up with a friendly smile and a hello next time you encounter your neighbor so that they know it really isn’t anything personal against them.

If that doesn’t seem to do the trick, then just be more firm, “Listen Karen, I need my privacy. I’ll get together with you sometime soon to talk”.  Repeat the friendly smile and hello on your next encounter.

It comes down to do you value your neighbor’s feelings over your sanity? Probably not, so you can’t worry about hurting their feelings. Of course, approach the situation with kindness but be sure that you make your boundaries perfectly clear. 



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