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Hey Alex!

I made the mistake of dating a coworker! Yuck! Obviously it ended badly and now we are both stuck working at the same place. Honestly, we can’t stand the sight of each other. I worked here almost a full year before he was hired and I love my job. I feel like he should be the one looking for a new job. Am I wrong?

Never Again


Hey Never Again!

Yes, yes you are wrong. Unfortunately, life does not stop when a relationship ends and neither do jobs. He might love his job as much as you love yours and frankly, you cannot dictate his life. He has a right, just as you do, to keep working there.

Now, if there is a behavior that makes the workplace a hostile environment, then you definitely need to address this with your supervisor and let it be handled by the company. But… if the sight of him just grosses you out, then you are going to have to suck it up, or if you can’t, then you should be the one to look for a new job.

I would give it more time. It sounds like the breakup is relatively fresh. Time has a way of erasing pain and anger and you might find in another month or two, that you aren’t affected by his presence one way or the other.



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