Ask The Doc! Confused Facts


Walking you through the Coronavirus updates with the Department of Public Health, North Georgia’s surge, and the public’s concerns. With more cases daily, Dr. William Whaley and Dr. Ray Tidman speak with BKP on the virus and testing with Georgians from a medical standpoint and how we need to be looking at longer stretches of time with tests instead of singular days. We look at the graphs with statistical analysis of cases in Georgia with Dr. Whaley. However, Dr. Tidman counters with comparisons of urban Atlanta versus a more rural North Georgia while touching on Gilmer’s recent positive test in the courts.

Additionally, we breach the discussions of schools and education amid the virus. With the resurgence of the virus, is “home learning” really the best idea? Topics like wearing masks in schools and the precautions that schools are taking become part of the discussion as the compare schools allowing families who choose “home learning” while having others in school and others with less restrictions. Dr. Whaley says the decisions fall with the families instead of the school administrators.

Ultimately, we talk about the responsibility involved in the virus. Individual responsibilities reiterates what the Doctors have been saying. Protect yourself, don’t rely on others for your protection and the responsibility of your health.

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