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Gilmer Co., Ga- As all football fans in the area know, the Head Coaching position left vacant by former Bobcat coach Kevin Saunders has since been filled.

Paul Standard, former St. Pius Head Coach for 20 years, has been named the next Head honcho at Gilmer.

As the Director of FYN Sports, I had the chance to sit down and talk with him last Thursday.

I can say this whole heartedly: Bobcat nation is in good hands.

Later next week I will post the full interview on YouTube and their will be a full writeup on the FYN sports Facebook and Twitter pages, but with this opinion piece I wanted to let the readers in on my thoughts about the new face of the Gilmer football program.

Here are the three things about Coach Standard that stuck out most to me.

1. The Kids Come First

I can’t count how many times on and off camera he brought up how he wanted to have a personal relationship with each one of the kids that put on a Bobcat jersey. He emphasized how he wanted to morph these guys into better men all together.

2. Family Is Important

Coach Standard is bringing along with him his son PG. PG will be the offensive coordinator and running backs coach, and has been helping his dad out for years. I could tell by the way Coach Standard spoke about his kids and his wife, that they were the most important things to him and that he would want to teach his ball players the importance of having those relationships. Winning ball games is great, but if you don’t have someone to celebrate with at the end of the night, its all for none.

3. He Knows How To Win

His record at St. Pius and his path to state championships speak for itself. I have no doubt he is the man to turn the Gilmer County football program around.


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