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Hey Alex!

My boss is having to make budget cuts at work and this means probably having to let someone go. There is a girl I work with that will be leaving in a couple of months when she has her baby and on top of that her husband makes really good money, so she doesn’t actually need the job. She’s one of the highest paid employees here, which means the boss would be saving even more by going ahead and letting her go. Should I bring these points up to my boss? I’m just afraid of losing my job.


Don’t Want To Get Fired


Hey Don’t Want To Get Fired!

If you are afraid of losing your job the absolute worst thing you can do is tell your boss why other people should be let go before you. The only conversation you should have with your boss in this case is why you should stay and that’s only if your boss brings it up.

It’s none of your business how much your coworkers make and even less of your business on how they spend their money or whether or not they “need the job”.  To bring any of this up is going to paint you in a very bad light in the eyes of your employer.

I would say that your boss is already factoring in that your coworker will be leaving and will be making their decision based on the best outcome for longevity of the company. Unless your employer specifically asks for your opinion, I think it would be in your best interest to say nothing and show your value through your quality of work.




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