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Hey Alex! 

My co-worker’s car is in the shop and I offered to give him a ride to work until it gets fixed. Last week he made me late two times. I am an on-time type person. I feel weird saying something to him about it because the situation is just temporary and he should have his car back in another week. At the same time, I don’t want to be late anymore. What should I do?

Running Late



Hey Running Late!

Don’t feel weird or guilty about saying something to your coworker. The fact is, you are doing him a favor and that favor shouldn’t reflect negatively on your job performance. 

More than likely, he isn’t doing anything to be late on purpose and is just unaware of how his actions are affecting you. Bringing it to his attention in a “no big deal, but” kind of way would be perfectly okay for you to do. This will cause him to be more self aware of how he is spending his time in the morning.

If you aren’t comfortable with the direct approach try an indirect route. Let him know that you are just needing to get to work a little bit early each day and see if he is okay with you picking him up earlier. This means you could arrive at his house 15 minutes (or however long you need) early and if he is running behind you would both still be to work on time. Worse case scenario with this approach is you would both arrive 15 minutes early.




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