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Hey Alex! 

I recently quit my job, like really quit. No notice. I felt that my boss had been treating me badly for a while. Picking apart everything that I did. I was miserable. So when he came in with yet another complaint, I stood up and said not my problem, I quit and I walked out. Any other job I have left, I have always given at least a two week notice. I’m feeling bad for how I handled the situation. Was it wrong of me to just walk out?


Moving On


Hey Moving On!

It sounds like you have always handled yourself in a professional manner in the past and this was more than you wanted to deal with. You hit your limit and are just second guessing yourself because it is against your normal standards.

Truthfully, a person has every right to walk away in a situation where they are being mistreated. This doesn’t just apply to work environments but to every aspect of life.

The cons, which I am sure you are aware of since you normally handled leaving by giving a notice, are that more than likely you have squashed any chance of a reference from that job and also burned your bridge should you ever want or have a need to return.

My only question for you is, did you quit in front of coworkers? Just as a boss should never fire an employee in front of other staff, it is also in poor taste for an employee to quit in front of fellow coworkers. Some things should be handled in private.

While nothing can be done to change how you handled the situation, if you did happen to quit in front of others, just keep in mind in the future that it is always best to speak with your boss about such matters one on one.

I would recommend to anyone that if at all possible try to be courteous by giving notice. However, if your work environment is hostile or causing you major distress, then there is nothing wrong with getting out of there. You need to do what is best for yourself and your life.




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