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Hey Alex!

I have a friend who is constant drama. She is always on the verge of a crisis according to her but she does absolutely nothing to fix her problems and just acts like she never said a thing to me to begin with. When her life isn’t in peril she will gossip about all the rumors she has heard about everyone else. She’s actually a really good person and has been a good friend at times but all the negativity wears on me. I don’t know what to do. I want to continue being her friend but I don’t know that I can deal with all the gossip and drama.


Over It


Hey Over It!

First off you don’t have to have any person in your life as a friend if you don’t want them to be there. If it truly is weighing on you too much or affecting your mood or well being just cut ties. Or at least keep your contact to a bare minimum.

If you are wanting to stay in the friendship, you need to set your boundaries. When she starts to gossip, be very straightforward with her and let her know that you really don’t want to talk about other people. You don’t have to give your reasons, just that it is not a conversation you are interested in having.

When it comes to her personal drama you are stuck if you want to continue being friends. Part of being a good friend is listening and being there for one another. So even if you know she is making her life seem overly dramatic, in a friendship it is not really your job to judge but rather to just listen.

So you need to decide if her negativity outweighs the good she contributes to your life. If the negativity does then move on and surround yourself with more positive friends. If her friendship is more important than the drama, make it clear you don’t want to hear about anyone else’s problems other than hers.




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