Ask Alex : Battle of the Thermostat

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Hey Alex!

We’re battling over the thermostat! My husband is constantly cold and I am constantly hot. I like to set it at a nice crisp 70 degrees and he likes it at a burning hot 74. How do I get him to quit messing with my perfect temperature setting?

Hot and Bothered



Hey Hot and Bothered!

I feel your pain! And for the life of me I can’t figure out how to make someone stop touching the thermostat, but here are some tips you could try…. 

Depending on your age, you could blame your hot nature on menopause…. Maybe it is menopause? Usually, women troubles will shy a man away from pushing the issue any further. Really, you could just claim hormones all together and that would probably do the trick.

Being that there is a 4 degree difference, have you all tried setting it at 72 degrees? A compromise is always the best bet in a marriage. 72 might be just bearable enough for the both of you and would save you from resorting to devious tactics.

As a last resort, you could always purchase a lock-box to go over the thermostat. They seem to be inexpensive and readily available on Amazon. I found a bunch with just a quick Google search.

To Prevent Thermostat Tampering Click Here : Thermostat Guard

Whatever you do, you better do it quickly! He may purchase the lockbox first and then you are just stuck in your 74 degree dungeon.




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