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Hey Alex!

My coworkers and I were playing a game where we could only choose 2 other coworkers for our apocalypse team and explaining why we picked who we did. I know, weird, right? So we get to the end of the discussion and I realise no one picked me! My question is, what skills should I learn so that I would be a top pick for an apocalypse team?

Not Even Last Pick 



Hey Not Even Last Pick!

Not weird at all! We should all plan for the best case apocalypse scenario. The question you need to ask yourself is what kind of apocalypse are you facing? Nuclear winter? Because if so, knowing plants and being able to grow things isn’t going to help you out. Are you in a city? Because there is a big difference between being able to live off the land and urban survival. 

You need to develop a catch all skill. One that will be helpful in any situation or at the very least you need to be able to fake it until you make it. 

So let’s look at a simple catch all skill….how about the art of silence. I’m not talking about the ability to shut up. I’m talking about the ability to move around freely without making a sound. You would be valuable in most situations. This skill would give you an advantage in hunting, scouting and escaping. Now, you would also need to be able to hunt and scout but take skill learning one step at a time.

Another catch all would be the art of bartering. Resources are going to become scarce. You’ll have to barter to get what you or your team needs. This takes someone who knows psychology and someone who can read a situation and make quick decisions. I recommend hitting any yard sale or flea market to sharpen this skill.

Now let’s address the fake it until you make it. People value intelligence. It’s not going to help you to be an expert in just one field though! Like I said, knowing plants and how to grow them will do nothing without the sun. So read up! Learn a bunch of random facts and some really good obscure ones. This seemingly endless knowledge on almost any subject should get you accepted into a group pretty quick and gain you access to their resources. Just make a quick exit before they catch on to you. We all learned a lesson from Eugene in the Walking Dead.

Lastly, you could just gain weight. People might see you as a source of food and pick you to be on their team. I don’t know how this will help you in the long run, but at least you’ll get picked.




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