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Hey Alex!

I have a friend who is an adrenaline junkie. She is constantly doing reckless things just to get a rush. She’s like this in every aspect of her life, from how she drives, to the men she dates. If it’s not dangerous then she is bored. I’m worried about her and her safety but don’t know how to make her stop. What should I do?


Seeking Help


Hey Seeking Help!

No doubt it’s scary to see a friend who constantly disregards their own well being while seeking to fulfill a need. 

Your friend’s behavior is no different than those who struggle with drug addiction. Both are seeking a high, so you will need to look at your friend from that perspective. While it’s not as obvious as someone who is actively using drugs, your friend’s behavior is a direct addiction to that adrenaline rush. 

My first concern in this, and one you definitely need to address with your friend, is could her actions potentially cause harm or even death to someone else? For example, you mentioned her driving as one of her reckless behaviors. If this is the case you need to be stern with her, show anger if you have to and let her know how selfish her actions are. She should never put others’ lives in danger.

Feel free to fully and honestly express your concerns over her own life and what could happen.

I would suggest to your friend that she try to seek out a more healthy way to get her high. There are many out there just like her that get addicted to that adrenaline rush and many of these people will compete or take on extreme sports as a hobby. There of course are still risks with these sports but at least they are calculated risks that usually will not involve harm to innocent bystanders.

As for yourself, do not beat yourself up if you fail to reach her. You can only do so much and ultimately her choices are her choices to make and the consequences of her choices are hers alone.




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