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Hey Alex!

Lately I have been feeling the stress. Nothing out of the ordinary, work and home life, but I think with the state of the world it is making it harder for me to cope. It just seems like everything is going badly. I’ve tried all the regular things, like exercise and meditation to deal, but I just keep finding myself overwhelmed. Do you have any tips or advice on dealing with everyday stress?


Over It


Hey Over It!

I think the majority of people are feeling the stress nowadays, and I think you are right, the never ending year that is 2020 is playing a big part in that. 

The first thing you need to do is disconnect from the negativity, even if just for a few days. World events are very important and in the grand scheme of things does affect us all, but following the constant barrage of event after event can wear on the best of us. Stay informed, watch the news, read the articles, but be mindful of how much time you spend doing this and how you are reacting to it. It never hurts to take a break when needed.

Now as far as dealing with life’s stresses that can sometimes add up, I would like to say that the standard advice is exercise, eating right and getting enough sleep. These are all recommended time and time again and for a reason, they work for many people!

But for a more unconventional approach, you have to reset your mind. The truth is that the events surrounding you do not affect you, how you react to them is what causes your stress. You have to reset your way of thinking. Instead of being overwhelmed with tasks at hand, stop and reflect on how tackling the task will offer you improvement. Every task completed is an opportunity to better your life. 

Lastly, make a list of what needs to be done and set your sights on just doing one thing at a time. There is no need to worry about what all is on the list, just focus your time and energy on the one item at hand. Eventually the list will get done. 




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