North Georgia Senior Living: Losing Quality Of Life

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With a rainy forecast, Jessi and BKP talk about the river and the quality of the outdoor activities they could attend since the rain stopped before the morning. And Jessi recalls an inspirational moment she noticed as a Senior Concierge.

However, the real issue of the day arises as the two ask one of the most important questions in senior care. “When is the right time?”

The question leaves a blank in the mind, such a large question amid someone’s entire life, looking for the right time to seize an opportunity, to make a change, to venture out on a new adventure, or so many others. But with Jessi, the question becomes when is the right time to transition to a senior living facility?

As so many think a senior facility means a drop in quality of life, Jessi talks about the details of that transition and the regrets of some who have to attempt it “last minute.” She says there is not crystal ball to foresee the time to start preparing. The two ideas are intertwined however. Taking time to understand the quality of life can help you understand the need for a senior living facility to maintain that quality.

Maintaining the conversations and a real assessment can make sure you don’t miss the opportunity and end up with regrets because the quality of life has degraded further than a Senior Living Facility can care for and provide for that need.

The stumbling block to that is the unwillingness to see one’s parent as aging or at a point where they are too tired to maintain a house.

Jessi also talks about her personal experience in the industry and the “blessing and curse” that it provides. It provides more awareness as she sees the changes and is more sensitive to those needs. Yet, it also highlights each stage of change and aging signs in one’s self, one’s family, and all branches of the family.

You can always find out more about Senior Living, Jessi Barton, or the Senior Living Facility she works at, Cameron Hall, by calling 706-515-4100.
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