Ask Alex : Where to Eat?

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Hey Alex!

It’s time to tackle the oldest question among couples. An ancient mystery passed down from generation to generation, one that has gone unanswered for centuries… Where does my boyfriend want to go for dinner?!

He thinks he’s being polite letting me decide, but I just don’t want to make a decision after working all day.

 So, oh great sage, where should we go?


Tired and Hungry



Hey Tired and Hungry!

When in doubt, avoid take out! I understand being tired at the end of a long day and not wanting to make that one last decision….you don’t care, you just need to eat. 

Keep your kitchen stocked with some quick and easy fixes for these occasions. You never can go wrong with just a good old fashioned sandwich and chips kind of night. 

Save the going out for dinner decision for when the both of you have time to plan ahead on your destination.


P.S. He’s not being polite. He doesn’t want to make the decision either.


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