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Being that we are without sports right now in any capacity, every fan around the world seems to be speculating when they will return. There has been a lot of talk about the return of sports to a nation yearning for some hint of normalcy amid the coronavirus pandemic. Major League Baseball has been giving us a glimmer of hope with their talk about quarantining all of the teams, players, coaches and staff in a virus-free area and holding games in empty ballparks. The UFC has also discussed ways that they could carry on with their operations, scheduling bouts on tribal land in Central California, and Dana White has also reported that he has purchased a private island to have fights on. Even President Donald Trump has been longing for sports just like us, saying “I want fans back in the arenas.” 

However as much as the common man may be longing for a return of sports, experts are saying that it may not be safe even with no spectators. Many public health experts fear it would be a risky proposition if the outbreak persists or recedes during the summer and reemerges in the fall. 

One good sign for the return of sports however is the Korean Baseball Organization and their planned opening day next month. In the KBO as it stands, players are being constantly checked for symptoms and fevers, stadiums remain shuttered and rumors are that even one case of the virus in the system could halt the KBO’s return. It is easier for the KBO to return to day to day baseball operations than it is for the United States however, because of the widespread testing the Korea has access to that we do not. 

Even as weird as it would look and feel, for Major League teams to be playing in empty stadiums and living in isolated hotels, I believe that it would do our country a whole lot of good to see baseball being played again. In a time like this, it is easy for people to lose hope. People are losing jobs left and right and others are unable to see their family members in fear of infecting them or becoming infected. Seeing this little sliver of normality return could really ease some peoples minds at this point, as it seems there is no complete return to normalcy in sight at the moment. I believe that we need to inch back toward reality. I understand how hard it would be for the MLB to implement their plan, but God help I pray they do. Our country needs a little joy right now. And what better way to bring joy to the masses than broadcasting professional baseball to millions of living rooms across the US filled with quarantined families.




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