Scoring Points: Old rivalries renewed

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This year, we will be seeing local area teams play head to head for the first time in a long time.

This coming week, we will see Copper Basin host the Fannin County Rebels. The Rebels are riding an undefeated streak after their win Friday night against the Pepperell Dragons. This one was a turning point for the Rebels. Not just in this season, but for the whole program that some thought of as a program that could never win the “big” game. Copper Basin is also riding a pretty historic season thus far, with their only loss coming against McMinn Central tral two weeks ago. They were able to hold off the North Georgia Falcons Friday night in a tough battle.

We will see these two teams clash this coming Friday for the first time since I was born. Over twenty years ago. The atmosphere for this game will be akin to a playoff game. I expect a big turnout and an electric vibe running through the entire stadium as these two teams go battle it out.

Another game that we haven’t seen in a while will be Union hosting Gilmer county later on in the season. I need to do some more research and find out the last time these two have played, but I do know its been a while. The Panthers and Brian Allison are starting to get their season back on track after a stumbling start to the year, but they’re looking pretty good with QB Logan Helcher settling into his own. Gilmer has also turned the corner it seems, as they hung 60 on Lumpkin County last week and are looking toward their first winning season for the first time in a while. Kevin Saunders seems to have the Bobcats moving in the right direction after a few years of rebuilding. This game will also be the game of the week when these two titans of local area football finally clash again. I expect Union County stadium to be filled to the brim with people screaming for their teams.


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