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The Georgia High School Association has announced a few changes for the 2020 state playoffs in different sports.

Monday, Executive Director Robin Hines stated that the coronavirus would impact a number of sports when they enter postseason play when it came to attendance numbers.

The State football championship will be at full capacity in Georgia State’s Football Stadium so it will not be affected.

Basketball will see a huge change, as the state semifinals and finals games are usually played at surrounding colleges, but will not be this year. This year they will be played at high school gyms. The GHSA cited that many colleges simply are not allowing their arenas to open at all.

Hines said that the softball championships which take place in Columbus, will not have stands for fans. Attending fans will be required to bring their own chairs and seating and be required to socially distance.

This is going to be a weird change up for softball and basketball fans. I think that it will be especially weird for basketball fans and the athletes of the sport, as they won’t be able to have the experience of playing in a college arena and using the college facilities. I understand why they are not playing in college arenas, but what I do not understand is why the GHSA did not tell us who would be hosting these games and if they would be at neutral sites or anything like that. I suppose this information will come later.

Yet another changeup from the coronavirus that Georgia High School sports athletes and fans will be expected to take in stride. After all the changes we have experienced already this year though, these seem so minuscule that I doubt anyone will even bat an eye at them. But hey, that what local sports reporters are here for, to moan and groan about everything for you.


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