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The Georgia High School Association has released “strongly recommended” game-day operation guidelines in order for the high school football season to proceed as normal when it opens for good on September Fourth. These game-day guidelines and recommendations are given to spectators and parents in order to ensure that the football season will be able to continue and so that these student athletes are able to play a whole season.

The guidelines include but are not limited to: Spectators are recommended to have their temperature assessed prior to entering the competition venue and should be denied entry if higher than 100.4 degrees. It is highly recommended that spectators always wear a facemask/covering if possible. Spectators should be restricted from direct competition areas and from visiting with student athletes and personnel before, during and after events. You can also probably expect a change in concessions, if your school is even offering concessions.

I know that this is not what a lot of us wanted to hear at all. If you are anything like me then you absolutely hate wearing a mask. And to be honest I do not really understand why I should wear a mask when I am outside watching a football game anyway.

But guess what?

Im going to do it.

Not for me, not for you, not for the governor or anyone else. I am going to do it for the kids. They can give me whatever stupid guideline they want and I am still going to follow it to help ensure that these kids are able to play a full season. I would hate to look back and know that just because I refused to follow guidelines, I was one of the reasons that a senior student-athlete didn’t get to play in his final home game.

I encourage all of our readers to put their pride aside for the sake of the kids and just follow the guidelines. All any of us want is for football to be back anyway, so now that its finally back lets keep it that way.

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