Gilmer Fire puts students to the heat

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On August 1, 2020, Gilmer Fire had 7 in-training Firefighters participate in a Live Fire Exercise and Evaluation to allow trainees a hands-on experience.

According to Public Information Officer, Al Cash, “The purpose of this training is for the student to observe fire behavior – meaning its growth, spread-patterns, and heat radiation. The students also become more familiar with their turnout gear – protective clothing, backpacks, air regulators, and masks.

Cash went on to note that the more subjective part of the exercise was for the student to understand their approach to safe firefighting. “A fire can attack an individual’s mental and physical weaknesses. One must be constantly alert of their own condition, their surroundings, and that of their fellow firefighters.”

This type of training gave these fine trainees a small taste of a fire scenario and put them closer in touch with their skills, their fears, and their successes.

Cash said the event went off very well with a great job by the students, the instructors, and the safety team.

He said, “Gilmer Fire and Rescue salutes you all.”






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