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A big girl, Katrina is about four years old according to Rena. At 67 pounds, she is one of our bigger Pets of the Week.

Rena says that she didn’t have a lot of human interaction when they got her, but the people of the Blue Ridge Humane Society have worked with her to make Katrina a good dog.

However, cats are still a problem as she doesn’t like them, so cat-friendly houses are probably not the best for her. In fact, Katrina wants to be the only dog or cat in the house so that she can be lazy and loving with you.

Very gentle and fine to hang outside, she is flexible in your day’s schedule as she likes laying on the couch. She also likes to alert you to anything unusual or strange sounds. Rena says she could be a good watchdog.

But mostly, Katrina wants a companion. And in turn she can become a perfect companion for you or your family as she needs a forever home and a family who can love her as much as she loves them.

You can schedule a time to meet with Katrina this week. So, start the process online at the Humane Society of Blue Ridge or call them at 706-632-4357 to set up a time to meet with him, or schedule a meet and greet for your pets to see how they get along.

Sponsored by Blue Ridge Humane Society, you can follow more on Pet of the Week through the dedicated playlist on FYNTV and check out a wider variety of shows there as well.


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