North Georgia Senior Living: What Does Ready Look Like?

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BKP and Jessi Barton start the conversation for you this week about being ready. Looking at the “next transition” in life, the discussion becomes not if, but when. A next transition is always on the horizon at any stage of life.

With no end in sight for the pandemic, today becomes the time for many as they begin to think that now is the time to act. People also say that transitioning into Senior Living is something they wish they hadn’t waited on.

Jessi Barton touches on increases in Life Expectancy for people in Senior Living. Tales come from developing relationships to having more interactions through events and community supports. Studies show support for the idea of community as a major influence in that area.

Fear and uncertainty can be barriers there, and it can create a divide as maybe families are ready, but the senior isn’t. Jassi explains that the important question to ask is, “What does ready look like?”

Some may not have answers. Some may not have thought about it. If we focus so hard on the ‘what ifs’ and horror stories unintentionally. That only creates stress and anxiety.

Focusing on the memories, processing through the sentimentality. People want the feeling of “home.”

It comes back to an old cliche that still holds firmly true today. “You make a home, a house is just a structure.”


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