North Georgia Senior Living: Waiting To Press Go


Jessi Barton joins the Friday show to discuss safe environments amid the virus. Cameron Hall is loosening some restrictions while adhering to guidelines. Despite not being back to “normal,” Jessi talks about their window visits and medical care. With a light of hope for the future, she talks about taking the small steps towards that, but residents are still waiting to press the go button on outdoor visits and in person visits without glass in between.

She touches on state guidelines and restrictions and how Cameron Hall in Ellijay is addressing state as well as local county issues while focusing on the five dimensions of wellness; physical, spiritual, intellectual, emotional, and social.

Focusing on wellness instead of care, Jessi takes us through the struggles of focusing on the dimensions of wellness in new ways and provide these needs for each individual resident. It is a balance as we all continue treating elders “like fine china.”

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