Texas to allow spectators to return to pro sports

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Texas Governor Greg Abbott announced Thursday may 28th that fans will be allowed at outdoor sporting events in a limited capacity. Starting on Friday, all counties will be able to host in-person spectators for outdoor sports in venues as long as visitors are capped at 25% capacity. The professional sports leagues will have to adhere to Texas department of state services rules and regulations and also apply and receive approval from the department. 

I realize that we’re talking about Texas here and that Texas is over 1,000 miles away from our North Georgia area, however I think that this is a great sign for things to come here in our area. At the beginning of the month we were thinking that sports were not even a thought on the horizon and yet here we are at the end of the month with area schools being able to return to workouts and practice. Texas and a few other states have sort of become the model for how North Carolina and Georgia are returning to do things, except at a much quicker pace. 

The one major thing that is sad about the fans return is that it only addresses professional sports and has no mention of college or high school. Personally though, I know that pretty much all of us around here have been missing out on heading to SunTrust park and being able to sit and watch a Braves game. 

Another great piece of news to come out of Texas is that the Governor has already said that they are planning to have college football start on time and he also said on Friday in an interview with KXAN-TV in Austin, “If you want a prediction, my prediction is yes, we are gonna have college football beginning as scheduled … with at least some level of fans in stands.”

This is a great piece of news to come out of Texas and hopefully North Carolina and Georgia are close behind and will follow suit.



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