Scoring Points: GHSA Gives OK For Sports To Resume

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The Georgia High School Association plans to reopen high school sports activities beginning June 8th, after Robin Hines (director of the GHSA) and his board of trustees came to the unanimous decision on Thursday afternoon.

Much like what I wrote about last week when North Carolina came to their decision to reopen, Georgia will do so with many restrictions. Restricted voluntary workouts under their coaches’ direction, that will fall under the guidelines of the current state order.

Hines said Thursday, “It’s time for us to get back to a sense of normalcy, These kids have already been away from their fellow students for two-and-a-half months. They’ve already missed proms and honors nights. They’re ready to get back, and that’s been made clear to me from the hundreds of emails I’ve gotten from parents saying, ‘Please let our kids get going.’ It is time to get going.’’

Currently the workouts are for conditioning only, which means no bats or balls or equipment will be shared at all. On the bright side at least all the kids will be able to get back together and see some normalcy in their life. A little bit ridiculous that football players can’t even throw a football around if you ask me, but I understand it’s for everyone’s safety and that the board has the best interest of the students in mind.

Another shining light in all this is that Georgia isn’t the only state to start pushing towards reopening school sports. States such as North Carolina, Texas and Iowa are also looking forward to starting back up. Iowa is even set to begin softball and baseball games toward the end of the month of June. Things seem to be looking pretty good on the horizon, and hopefully everyone will be safe and as diligent as possible so we can continue in the right direction.



Check out more of Jake West’s Scoring Points by reading last week’s article: NC sports return on the horizon. Also, remember, in sports, points are scored by both sides, so send in your opinions on sports to [email protected] and see them in our next Sunday Edition.

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