Scoring Points: New GHSA shot clock rule good for the game

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On June 23, the Georgia High School Association voted to implement the use of a shot clock in their high school basketball games over the next three years. According to the GHSA, teams across the state of Georgia will be able to have a soft transition into the new shot clock era.

For the upcoming school year (2020-21), the shot clock will only be used in approved Christmas and thanksgiving tournaments and showcase games but it will not factor into the region or postseason contests.

The shot clock will be required for region games starting in the 2021-22 season. It will not be required for every varsity game (including postseason contests) until the 2022-23 season.

This will be a major change to the game, especially for the coaches in Georgia, who have never had to worry about a shot clock violation before. The rule in itself will not be hard to learn, but coaches will inevitably change their coaching styles.

College coaches really got the ball rolling on this idea and presented it to the GHSA with the idea that it would help student-athletes be more prepared for the college level style of play.

Personally, I think that this is exactly what the new rule will do. Kids will head to college with a more realistic vision and experience of how the game will be played at the next level. There will not be any “holding the ball” and trying to bleed the clock out anymore, the kids will be forced into running an offense the entire game, which is exactly what is expected of them at the next level. I think that this will be a very enjoyable transition for us to watch as spectators, as we can see the wheels start rolling in the heads of our student-athletes as they really start to figure out a new part of the game of basketball.

Not only will the kids have to adjust, but local coaches will be under the gun too. Teaching a new style of basketball will be difficult, but it will also be fun to watch and will really separate the hardworking and easily coachable talent from the others.



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