Banks County July 4 Fireworks to Take Place at Rec Department

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4th of July banner with fireworks and firefighter

BANKS COUNTY, Ga. – Every year, the Homer Fire Department and the city of Homer host a fireworks show to celebrate Independence Day, starting around dusk on July 4.

This years celebration will be taking place Monday, July 4 at the Banks County Recreation Department-Multi-Purpose field. This facility is the track and field behind Banks County Middle School and the Banks County Senior Life Center.

Alicia Andrews of the Banks County Chamber of Commerce explained the location change, noting that there are certifications and protocols that the original location did not meet.

“There are certifications and requirements that the surrounding area have to meet. The original location wouldn’t work because of all the development up there around the tennis courts,” Andrews said.

However, this may be a benefit for people in attendance. The roads, parking lots, and fields around the high school are typically overflowing with cars and people. Conversely, the Rec Department and surrounding area has abundant parking.

Banks County citizens and visitors alike are invited to bring their families, tailgate, and enjoy the show.

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