Scoring Points: Pickens HC Grant Myers

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FYN Sports was able to sit down and catch up with new Pickens Dragons Head Coach Grant Myers.

Myers has been on the Pickens staff for the previous 2 years, serving as the Defensive Coordinator and Strength Coach.

We talked to him about what he would bring to the table as a young Head Coach, his background and family and much more.

As the Director of FYN Sports, I have had the opportunity to sit down with a ton of coaches over the years and listen to their philosophy about football and also about life, but no Coach has brought the energy like Grant Myers did. By the time BKP and myself left the Dragons field house, I was ready to go to war for Coach Myers.

Here are the three things that stuck out most to me when speaking with Coach Myers:

  1. He’s a football guy through and through

You can tell by just looking at Coach Myers that he’s a football guy. Just a real dude. The man looks like he eats, breathes, and bleeds football. I’m sure that if you asked his wife Jena, she would sigh and tell you that that’s not too far from the truth! Just jokes, I am actually under the impression that Mrs. Myers isn’t too far behind Coach when it comes to their love of the game.

2. He is passionate

Passion is not something that can be faked. You’re either passionate about something or you’re not, and Coach Myers is passionate about winning football games and turning boys into young men. He said multiple times that he understand the importance of the football program and how it relates to the fabric of the community as a whole. He is proud to wear the Pickens Diamond P on his chest, and wants to pass that on to future generations.

3. He is young and energetic

What some people may look at as a con, I see Coach Myers being a young coach as a very good thing. Being a young guy that his players can relate to will go a long way on the football field and in the classroom. He can have a presence in the hallways and in the community as well as online that an old coach will not be able to. Like it or not, the world is almost completely online now. If Coach Myers takes to social media and has the presence online that I know he can, I think you’ll have kids coming out in groves to play for the man.

Also, FYN Sports wants to congratulate Coach and Mrs. Myers on having baby girl number 2 on the way!

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