New Babies At North Georgia Wildlife Park

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There is so much to see and do at North Georgia Wildlife Park!
North Georgia Wildlife Park is delighted to announce the birth of two lowland Pacas! What is a paca, you may ask? Pacas are adorable rodents, native to South America, and they are undeniably cute. They grow to 15-25lbs. as adults and are covered in brown fur with white spots. These spots give them camouflage which help them hide from predators. They have large eyes which allow them to navigate their surroundings at night and find all their favorite foods. Pacas are mainly frugivores, (meaning they eat mostly fruit). Their favorites include bananas and mangos. Pacas’ main predators include humans, jaguars, cougars and bush dogs, and they will use their impressive swimming skills to help them escape. North Georgia Wildlife Park has six adult pacas who call the park home.
The Park is also excited to announce the birth of a baby Reeves Muntjac Deer. Muntjac deer are a small species of deer native to Asia. Though small in size they have a big personality and are also called Barking Deer because they make a sound like a barking dog! Full grown they are only about 30 lbs. and stand less than two feet tall. The new baby boy is covered in spots now, but as he grows, he will lose those spots but gain both tusks and antlers. These small deer spend most of their time foraging for food, but when threatened they can run up to 40 miles/hour! North Georgia Wildlife Park is home to 10 adult Muntjac deer.

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