Scoring Points: Congratulations to the MAC Super Bowl Winners

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scoring points

On Saturday, November 14th, Chestatee High School hosted the 6-11u Mountain Athletic Conference Super Bowl games. #TeamFYNSports live streamed these games all day and let me tell ya, we saw some great football this past weekend.

We want to congratulate all of the winners and runner-ups for their performance in Super Bowl IV.


Lumpkin 18 Pickens 7


Chestatee 18 White 7


White 34 Pickens 0


Fannin 13 Pickens 6


White 13 Fannin 6


Gilmer 53 Chestatee 27

As you can see, we had three White County teams make and appearance, along with three Pickens County teams, two Fannin County teams and two Chestatee teams. The future is bright for all of these programs, especially the ones that had multiple teams in the Super Bowl games.

I know that I had a lot of fun broadcasting some of these games and all of us here at Team FYN Sports hope that all of the kids had a great time win or lose.

The 9u and 10u games were probably the most exciting as the both came right down to the wire and were both defensive battles. On the other side of that though, we saw an offensive shootout in the 11u Gilmer vs Chestatee game, a game where Gilmer put up over 50 points. Cole Cable, one of Chestatees top players and their Quarterback, was knocked out of the game early due to a big hit he took. I personally think that if he was able to stay in the game and did not get hurt, this game would not have ended up with the Gilmer County Bobcats running away with it.

We want to thank our hosts at Chestatee High School for being so kind and welcoming to us and helping our broadcast team with everything that we needed. We could not have pulled off this production with you guys.

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