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It’s Fall Hat month Grab your favorite head gear and flaunt it!

Gold, saffron, scarlet begin to sprinkle their colors through out the rich laurel, pine and dark moss of the ridges and mountains of Georgia, Tennessee, and North Carolina. The Dog Days of Summer have given way to underlying crisp breezes.

It’s no wonder September features some good mix of indoor and outdoor days. If baseball is your thing, head out to your local parks and rec to watch some little league since it’s Little League Month. Even better, volunteer to coach.

Or pick a cool morning and go for a hike, looking for mushrooms -not to eat, just to identify, during National Mushroom Month. Don’t forget to celebrate Fall Hat


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Take a hike either through the woods or your grocery story to celebrate mushrooms this m month.

Month by wearing your favorite hair accessory while going through the woods.

If hiking through the woods is not your thing, there are plenty of food to celebrate in September. Breakfast claims the month and with it you can enjoy papayas, potatoes, rice, chicken, honey, Italian cheese, and whole grains. Top it all off by celebrating National Blueberry Popsicle month.

Health and safety are also on the calendar. Baby safety month, National Blood Cancer Awareness, National Disease Literacy, National Childhood Cancer Awareness, National Childhood Obesity Awareness, National Sickle Cell Awareness, Pulmonary Fibrosis Awareness, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome Awareness.


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Chicken dance, everybody! It’s National Chicken Month. Whether you like the feathered and funny or nice and fried, celebrate!

If you need help coming up with ideas, check out the following links from National Day Calendar.

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