Hiwassee River Friends of NRA Banquet

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The annual Hiwassee River Friends of the NRA banquet has been canceled for this year due to the COVID pandemic. Luckily, the committee still has A LOT of awesome prizes to raffle off, including 8 guns! There will be 29 prizes total, including a crystal bracelet, tomb of the unknown soldier sculpture, dont tread on me barstools, whiskey barrel America flag, a Vortex scope and Vortex binoculars, just to name a few! The raffle will be held the first week of September. Chances are $100 a piece and they are only selling 200 tickets total.

All proceeds will go to help youth shooting sports in our area. Youth shooting sports in our area are rapidly growing, and this is one of the main fund raisers for the local kids so let’s help spread the word even if you personally do not want to buy a ticket.

Please contact Brandon West at 828-361-2125 if you would like to buy a ticket or are interested in local area high school shooting sports.

The raffle will be streamed live via the Hiwassee River Friends of NRA Facebook page.







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