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Hey Alex!

I have noticed someone building a new home on my street. Construction has been going on a while now. Maybe I have watched too much old tv, but I really want to maybe bake something and take it over to “welcome” them to the neighborhood.

 Granted I don’t live in any sort of cul de sac or gated community. Our houses on my street are not close by like some communities. I’ve seen people out walking their dog during the shelter order and we wave and are polite, but it’s not like there has been a ton of previous action like what I want to do.

 My husband says it might be too forward or annoying, but I really want to do it. What do you think? Is this sort of thing too “old fashioned,” or would it be a nice surprise for someone new?

New Neighbor


Hey New Neighbor!

Yes. Yes. A thousand times yes! Bake that pie, make that casserole, pot an iris from your garden and head over there to meet that neighbor!  So much is lost in today’s world of technology and one of the most important aspects that we have lost is human connection. 

Growing up, it is likely that you knew all of your neighbors. Children played together, the adults knew each other and there was a real sense of community on each street. It is just as likely now, that you don’t know all of your neighbors or many at all.

With the introduction of the internet and of course social media, we have grown comfortable in keeping to ourselves and have tricked ourselves into thinking that we are still connected. Nothing can replace the bond that comes with person to person contact.

An email will never be able to replace a handwritten letter. “Liking” a person’s photo of their child’s winning game will never replace listening to the proud parent share a recap of the victory over the phone.

So go over there and make that connection. Work to keep the connection alive, too. Not only will it make your new neighbor feel like they are welcome and belong, but it will make you feel like a part of the community as well. Who knows, you might be introducing yourself to your next lifelong friendship.



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