Scoring Points: Gentry says ‘one more time’

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High School Hall Of Fame Coach, David Gentry of the Murphy Bulldogs made his decision to return for another season this past week.

Gentry told another reporter David Thompson, “My plan is to be on the sideline again as long as there is a season. I wouldn’t do it if I wasn’t excited about it. I just hope we get to have a season.” Gentry said that he was optimistic that there would be a season, but he still had his concerns about the unknown.

I would venture to guess that the “unknown” played into his decision making quite a bit. With his competitive nature and passion for the football program at Murphy, there is no way in my mind that Gentry would hand the keys over to a rookie in a time such as this. Competitively speaking, David Gentry has won 8 titles over 36 seasons with the Bulldogs and holds the North Carolina state record for wins with 416, breaking the previous record in a contest against Swain County just this past year.

Murphy was unable to defend their title last year falling to eventual state champion Robbinsville in the third round. Another thing that I could guess played into Coach making his decision to stay, is the fact that Robbinsville head coach Dee Walsh has better him 6 times in the last 6 years. I can’t say that sits well with Gentry, and I would look out for a revenge tour in the coming season being that the last taste of football he has in his mouth is a loss to a bitter rival.

The Bulldogs kick off the 2020 season against Pisgah on August 21st and Franklin on the 28th, two games against bigger schools that should help them with playoff seeding down the road if they can come out with a win.



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